Skincare regimen of the month and yes, order matters
As promised, here are the details behind my daily skincare regimen! I do love sharing about all things beauty, so it is a pleasure to answer any and all questions about beauty/my own regimen etc so always feel free to ask away!
Peach and Lily, from Seoul
Peach and Lily has been in Korea for a few weeks now and it’s been quite an adventure. We have so much to share! This week, we’ll post our favorite brands that we’ve searched high and low for while here.
Poring into pores
I don’t like pores. You don’t like pores. No one likes pores. But they’re there, anyway.
The Yin and Yang of Asian Beauty
What does yin and yang have to do with beauty? According to time-old Asian beauty practices, a whole lot.
Deep Dive on Tea Tree Oil
So what is tea tree oil anyway?
Getting the most bang for your beauty sleep buck
Deep dive: Be the Skin
We’ve also been getting a ton of questions about Be the Skin, so here’s another deep-dive entry to share a bit more about another one of our favorite, hand-selected brands.
Korean Skincare: Back to the Basics
With all the noise and clutter, we’re bringing it back to the basics for you.