Pamper your nails and soul with uka

Why is this amazing bottle of goodness making appearances in the likes of Elle magazine and every other major fashion and beauty magazine? Why is uka racking up all sorts of beauty industry awards? Why are A-list celebrities constantly restocking their uka Nail Oil? And why would hip designers like Colette collaborate with uka?

There’s one simple answer: this is a product that everyone falls in love with.

Here are Peach and Lily’s top 5 reasons for why we fell in love with the uka Nail Oil:

1) Extremely high quality ingredients: ECOCERT certified. Argan oil base. Essential oil infused for aromatherapy. An uncompromising stance on the best luxe ingredients is always good in our books.

2) It works: we love products that work. This one keeps the pesky cuticles and hang nails at bay by providing deep moisture to the nail beds. Fight those brittle, dry nails to achieve that healthy nail model look.

3) It soothes: we love that each nail oil specifies a time of the day that it’s best suited for. The 7:15 nail oil uses hinoki to pep you up in a peaceful and soothing way. It sort of makes us feel like we’re waking up in a spa surrounded by peaceful tall trees sprinkled with morning dew. Each nail oil is thoughtfully infused with essential oils that truly soothe and pamper the soul along with your nails.

4) It’s pretty and good: Using Japanese technology and French aesthetics, uka Nail Oil is a super well packaged roll-on applicator filled with goodness, and beautifully wrapped in green packaging that respects our environment. Every time we take this pretty little baby out of our beauty bags, we get stares and questions. Every time.

5) It’s portable and convenient: Love the size. Tiny enough to fit in any beauty bag, coin purse, pocket, you name it. This makes this spa-in-a-bottle super easy to carry around and whisk out whenever, wherever. Love.

Check it out for yourself:

On that note, it’s almost midnight and I’m finally off to bed after a long, long day. Maybe I’ll use some lavendar scented uka Nail Oil to lull myself to sleep!

-Sweet dreams, Alicia

Posted on July 08, 2015
by Alicia Yoon