Fabulous begins with the eyes

Fabulous eyes make such a statement, don’t you think?

On the other hand, eyes that attempt to look fabulous but have smudges (usually happens around 2pm for me) or that ever-so-pesky messy look is almost way worse than clean bare eyes with a touch of gloss. With eyes, it either looks clean, striking and fab…or messy, uncomfortable for others (you know that feeling when you want to reach over and wipe that smear off someone’s face), and depressing (think, raccoon-eyes, been-crying-in-the-bathroom-look, life-falling-apart).

I personally like to tightline my lower lash line and until 2pm, if I may say so myself, I’m looking quite fab ;). Post-2pm, I’m basically doing the whole wet-q-tip-to-wipe-off-smears routine, then reapplying the eyeliner because invariably some always comes off. The wipe off and reapply combo is not terrible, but mediocre on good days and sloppy on bad days.

LADIES, there is a solution. It is all about the QUALITY of your eyeliners. There are incredible waterproof, smudge-proof, will-stay-on-exactly-where-you-put-it-and-nowhere-else eyeliners out there.

After testing about 25+ eyeliners on the market, we are so thrilled to bring to you Clio’s wonderful, wonderful, truly long-lasting eyeliners. When we fell in love and approached the brand, we thought we were the only ones in on the secret, but nope, apparently, it’s globally loved and touted by makeup artists and beauty editors and almost every consumer in Asia. Had no idea that they were basically this iconic fabulous brand that is practically synonymous with “eyeliner” and “mascara” in Asia.

(sorry the image is small so it’s hard to read, click on the image to read more!)


When we interviewed the brand, we fell more in love. First, their office is amazing. The company is really into fine arts and sees makeup as an art form in itself. So the conference room is basically decorated with Warhol prints everywhere, fabulous chandeliers and just a really incredible interior aesthetic. They host art exhibitions, have artwork on some of their cases, and always make sure that more than anyone makeup artists are always finding their products best and most innovative in color, applicator, diversity and long-lasting wearability under runway lights and on sweating models!


On that fabulous note, it’s my last full day in Seoul after a whirlwind and really informative beauty hunt, so must go pack!

x- Alicia

-ps- for those who like eye candy…here’s a mega picture update of Clio’s former model who’s sporting all of Clio’s products. Those eyes! Enjoy and be fab!


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Posted on July 07, 2015
by Peach & Lily