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Hydrated skin: getting the foundation for healthy skin right

This week we’re focusing big-time on keeping skin well-hydrated. Stay tuned for a series of entries this week on one of the most foundational elements of achieving healthy radiance.

The word “hydration” is used everywhere in skincare. What does this really mean and why is it so important?

First, what does it mean to have hydrated skin?

To answer this question, it’s important to understand the difference between a skin type and a skin condition. Dry/oily/combination/normal are skin types - this is typically determined at birth and it’s what your skin is inclined towards when it comes to sebum production. Those with dry skin do not have enough sebum (oil) production. Conversely, those with oily skin have excess sebum production. There are products that will help with increasing or decreasing the oil on the skin.

Now, your skin type is entirely different than your skin condition - the skin condition is how your skin is currently doing (not what it’s inclined towards).

Hydration is a condition and defines the moisture level of your skin (not the oil level). 

All skin types, yes, even those with oily skin, can be dehydrated. On the other hand, even those with dry skin can be sufficiently well hydrated. 

Having hydrated skin means you have sufficient moisture levels, which helps to alleviate the characteristics of dehydrated skin such as tightness, itchiness, sensitivity, dullness, flakiness, or scaliness.

Why is having hydrated skin important?

Let’s stick to a list for easier reading:

  • Dehydration can lead to overcompensation and trigger excess sebum production
  • Dehydrated environment slows down the renewal and repair skin processes (read: faster aging)
  • Dehydrated skin can lead to micro-cuts and brittleness making your skin more prone to inflammation and infection (read: acne)
  • Dehydrated skin can lead to an excess of dead skin flakes making it harder for products to be absorbed into the skin
  • Dehydrated skin can lead to overall skin weakness and increased sensitivity

Essentially, sufficient hydration is key to an environment where your skin can thrive. We see so many people who spend a lot of time, money and effort on their skincare regimen, only to be frustrated by the expensive anti-aging serums not working. When we analyze the skincare regimen, we see that moisture-infusing ingredients are wholly lacking and therefore, the skin is fundamentally dehydrated, which is when everything else in skincare falls apart.

So, how do you keep your skin well-hydrated?

  • Drink plenty of water: not because the water is going to hydrate your skin (your skin is the last organ to be distributed water, so unless you’re drinking all day long, this won’t make a huge difference), but because enough water intake is important for overall wellness, which helps with all organ vitality, including the skin
  • Similarly, get plenty of sleep: again, for overall wellness
  • Use humectants: these ingredients attract water and bring them to your skin allowing for optimal moisture balance
  • Seal it all in: a non-irritating lotion or cream seals in all that moisture into the skin and creates a moisture barrier so that the moisture in your skin isn’t evaporating out, which happens in the colder seasons leading to dehydrated skin for many folks (again, not to be confused with dry skin)

Products that we love for all skin types to keep skin well hydrated:


The First Essence - basically, right after toner, you use this booster essence to fill your skin with moisture so that the rest of your skincare regimen isn’t for naught.


Powerful humectant, hyaluronic acid, will attract water to your skin - great for all skin types, no greasiness or heaviness.


Exclusive mineral-rich thermal water delivers skin-benefitting water to your skin (Cremorlab’s water is even used in hydrotherapy for cancer patients - hugely beneficial for skin wellness).


Formulated with botanical and herbal ingredients, and of course, humectants, will nourish skin while drawing moisture to your skin.


Seal in all that moisture with this exceptional cream formulated to deliver moisture into the skin through a 24 hour-period, while protecting your skin and ensuring nothing evaporates from your skin.


Another Cremorlab star product that delivers anti-aging benefits while sealing all that goodness, including moisture, in the skin. 


Posted on July 08, 2015
by Alicia Yoon
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