A few of our favorite things: what others love and what we love

What others love:

We love getting emails that share stories about our products. This week, we thought we’d highlight Aromatica’s Sea Daffodil Aqua Gel Cream for all the loving this got through emails sent to us this week. Through the varied emails, there were a couple common themes about this gentle, soothing and deeply hydrating gel cream: 1) soothes damaged skin and leaves it feeling supple and 2) hydrates well without over-greasing or feeling too heavy. And people also really liked how it smelled.

Over here at Peach and Lily, we love that the base of this gel cream (unlike most others that use water as a base) is organic aloe cream. So luxurious.

Now onto the part about what we love! 

Not that we don’t love the gel cream above, but we wanted to highlight some blogs that have caught our eye and the reasons we love them (and therefore, reached out to them to share about Peach and Lily!). Here’s our top 10 favorite blogs of the week (in no particular order)!

1. http://www.ourwonderlust.com - Tina does such a fantastic job of providing overall lifestyle content in a highly informative and whimsical way. Always high-quality and stylish like the fabulous Tina, herself.  Oh, and gorgeous photos.

2. http://www.featherfactor.com - Kathy writes beautiful entries about travel, beauty, lifestyle and how to save money (smart entries!). Best of all, she writes up journalistic interviews about some interesting companies/CEOs. We love it.

3. http://storybookapothecary.com - Tianna is so approachable and writes with honesty and wit about a broad range of fun topics ranging from achieving the ballerina look, to hot bathing suits, nail art to eclectic skincare picks.

4. http://harajukugirlfl.com - Denise is so great with color, beauty hauls and giveaways. She’s also clued into the beauty blogger scene so has interesting tidbits from everywhere. Great for learning about beauty tips for warmer climates.

5.  http://sweetjellybean.com - Donah is wonderful about covering a wide range of topics in color/skincare. Her blog is easy to read, follow and learn from. We love the topics covered - hard-to-find information otherwise, aka online gems.

6. http://www.thebeautymarkgirls.com - Hilary and Courtney are a lovely duo - makeup artist & hair stylist - who provide fun, relevant content on all things beauty and fashion with creative pictures, and a whole lot of style and grace.

7. http://chichibanban.blogspot.com - Airi is really great at provided detailed information about Asian beauty products. We love her closeup pictures and detailed and rich reviews about Asian products, stores and beauty trends.

8. http://beautybrite.com - Stephanie is awesome at finding the fun giveaways with great reviews that are pertinent and compelling. We love that she covers a bit of everything (even book reviews) and provides savvy lifestyle tips and quips.

9. http://www.contestbee.com - We love this as the fun go-to place for anytime we’re feeling up for a giveaway or sweepstake. A great collection of contests when you’re feeling lucky! ;)

10. http://yourbeautyjunkie.com/about-ybj - Jamie is awesome at providing great reviews and giveaways altogether. We love reading about what’s great and then entering easy giveaways right then and there. And a big hearty congratulations to her recent engagement!

Posted on July 07, 2015
by Peach & Lily