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Sheet Mask Bundle: Power Combo Pack
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The variety combo pack has a mask for every occasion: calming, brightening, hydrating, and overall rejuvenating with some of our favorite hero ingredients. Purchase to help you find the right mask for your skin or to set yourself up with a weekly upgrade to your existing skincare regimen. Product value is $24 but this bundle is priced at $20.

Peach & Lily Reset Button Mask x 1
Peach & Lily Good Skin Day Mask x 1
Peach & Lily Chubby Cheeks Mask x 1
Enjoy Vital-Up Time - Lift Up Mask x 1
Enjoy Vital-Up Time - Watery Moisture Mask x 1
For Ingredient Lists For Specific Masks, Refer To Individual Sheet Masks On The Sheet Masks Brand Page.