About Peach & Lily

What is Peach and Lily?

Peach and Lily is a beauty e-commerce site that is changing the way consumers access, discover, and shop for the best beauty products out of Asia.

We are the online destination for innovative and high-quality beauty products from beauty-forward Asia for US consumers

We make beauty discovery easy, informational, and personalized with a unique guided shopping experience

Why Asian Beauty Products?

Asian beauty products have long been buzzed about by experts in the beauty world for its innovation, high-efficacy, and use of natural ingredients.

Products from places like Korea and Japan use natural ingredients in conjunction with skincare technologies to heal and transform your skin from the inside out - rather than use harsh chemicals to induce temporary improvements!

This is why beauty experts claim that places like Korea and Japan are 12 years ahead in terms of skincare innovation. And why they claim that they are the new skincare superpowers of the world.

This buzz has gone mainstream in the U.S. recently with the explosion of popular products like BB Cream, CC cream, anti-aging oxidants, gel masks, fiber mascaras, and more. These were all popularized in Asia long before coming to the U.S. And there is a lot more where that all came from.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you achieve beautiful and radiant skin by bringing you the best products from Korea and Japan.

We believe that all consumers should be empowered to find the best beauty products that fit their skin type and needs. Peach and Lily provides you with the tools, information, and guidance you need to do so.

We promise to bring you only those products that are of the highest quality and stringently vetted by our expert team.