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What Are Korean Face Oils?

K-beauty oils are high-quality oils designed to support a healthy skincare routine. The right oil will slow down signs of aging and encourage the sought-after glass skin and glow that Korean skincare routines are so famous for.

What Are the Benefits of Korean Face Oils?

Using the right K-beauty oils can keep your skin feeling and looking healthy. Being nurtured and hydrated regularly ensures that your skin avoids issues like dryness, premature wrinkles, and dullness. In other words, they can help you maintain a youthful, hydrated appearance for longer.

How Do You Use Korean Face Oils?

The first thing to consider is your skin type. If it’s dry or normal, you can use K-beauty oils almost every day. But if you have oily skin, it’s best to use an oil only a few times a week while also maintaining a good skincare routine specifically for oily skin.

It’s also important to integrate it into your chosen Korean makeup or skincare routine because it will work best in conjunction with other products. Apart from that, Korean face oils can be applied whenever you want to give your skin a boost.

Browse Peach & Lily’s Premium K-Beauty Oils

Here at Peach & Lily, each oil is hand-selected for high quality and effectiveness. Our unique Black Rice Oil blends black rice bran, jojoba, camelia, sunflower, and sweet almond to nurture your skin and leave it feeling like silk. Aiming for the glass skin look? Our Pure Beam Luxe Oil is a natural, antioxidant-rich oil that leaves skin supple, soft, and glowing.

We have plenty more Korean face oils to choose from, meaning you’ll find one you can incorporate into your normal skincare routine. All our oils absorb quickly, contain only the finest ingredients, and will give you a dewy, fresh look.

Add a premium Peach & Lily oil to your collection today for glowing, healthy skin!