Lagom Mini Travel Kit
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Featuring the bestsellers from Lagom's line-up of skincare basics, this kit is too good to resist. One little bag contains an ideal gel-type morning cleanser that can even replace your make-up removing oil cleanser, a bubbly foaming cleanser, the beloved mist toner and three sets of the Mild and Deep Moisture Creams. Love them so much you can't be without them? We've linked out to the full size products down below so you can fill the travel size containers for any weekend away. You'll never have to be without perfect skin.
Ideal for Dry to Combination Skin Types.

Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser: 30 ml
Cellup Micro Foam Cleanser: 30 ml
Cellus Mist Toner: 20 ml
Cellus Mild Moisture Cream: 1.5 ml x3
Cellus Deep Moisture Cream: 1.5 ml x3
Refer to Individual Product Pages in "Must Know" for full ingredient lists.
How to Use
Refer to Individual Product Pages in "Must Know" for instructions.
Peach and Lily Take
We couldn't help ourselves. This mini kit is ideal for the travel any time of year, anywhere in the world. Give the gift of perfectly hydrated skin.
The Must Know
Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser This cleanser is that perfect lightweight morning cleanser, formulated specifically to effectively do all those things we need a morning cleanse to do.
Cellup Micro Foam Cleanser Thanks to an ultra-rich texture, this cleanser lathers into tight little bubbles that glide onto skin in a perfect layer so massaging away a day's worth of grime is incredibly easy.
Cellus Mist Toner Thanks to a bevy of antioxidants (green tea, rose oil, and geranium), the mist helps prevent our skin from absorbing dust and pollutants in the air.
Cellus Mild Moisture Cream Lagom’s Cellus Mild Moisture Cream repairs damaged skin and strengthens sensitive skin through plant stem cell extracts including green tea callus culture extract and balsam of Peru essential oil.
Cellus Deep Moisture Cream This rich moisturizing cream deeply hydrates, but doesn’t clog the pores, and lets the skin breathe.