The Easiest Way to Happy, Hydrated Skin

If you’re into skincare, you probably already know that hydration is foundation to happy, healthy skin. When your skin is hydrated, it’s less prone to irritation, which means it’s less prone to breakouts and redness. Hydrated skin also helps maintain a healthy skin barrier, which protects skin from environmental stressors like pollution that create free radicals in skin that go about wreaking havoc and increasing visible signs of aging.

Knowing all that is one thing, though, and finding a way to keep your skin hydrated is another. There are so many products that promise to deliver deep hydration but don’t, which can get frustrating.

Why is it so hard to achieve hydrated skin, anyway? First, let’s clear up a few misconceptions.

The biggest misconception is that drinking water hydrates skin. Yes, it’s healthy to drink plenty of water, but that’s more for the overall health of your body than it is for your skin. As you drink water, your vital organs absorb what they need before typically flushing it out of your body, so the water you drink won’t necessarily show up in your skin as that desired dewiness. Water does help flush toxins out of your body, including from your skin, though, so there are definite benefits to drinking enough water — it just won’t quench dehydrated skin.

Another misconception has to do with hydrating ingredients that are known to bind moisture to skin (aka humectants) like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. These ingredients do work, and they are hydrating. However! These ingredients also interact with your environment, so, if you’re in a super-dry environment, like on a long-haul flight or in a locale with a dry, frigid winter, the moisture bound to your skin via these humectants can be sucked out into the dry air. Also, if your natural skin barrier has been compromised, that, too, can cause transepidermal water loss.

Lagom understands these challenges and makes hydrating skin so easy. Using groundbreaking, Nobel Prize-winning technology called Dermaflux, Lagom creates products that deliver water into your skin cells, so that the water stays. Environmental factors don’t impact the efficacy of Dermaflux, and Dermaflux even has the ability to direct moisture to areas in your skin that need it most. This might sound too good to be true, but we promise this isn’t just marketing speak! We wrote a whole blog post explaining the science behind Dermaflux if you’re interested in learning more!

Behind Lagom is Kowon, one of Korea’s top makeup artists. A makeup wizard who’s responsible for many of the faces that grace Korean dramas, K-pop music videos, and magazine spreads, Kowon noticed that, no matter how masterful her makeup techniques were, nothing looked better than hydrated skin. She set out to create a brand that would help her clients keep their skin hydrated no matter the season or their travel demands and unpredictable lifestyles. After teaming up with an innovative lab and a dozen doctors and scientists, she decided on Dermaflux as the hero ingredient that would meet the needs of her A-list clients.

She didn’t just make these products for A-listers, though; she made them for everyone, including you, no matter your skin type! Lagom’s formulas are not only super hydrating; they’re also so gentle, they’re even great for people with sensitive skin. Lagom has made such an easy way for you to hydrate your skin and get that healthy radiance!

Clearly, many of you have already been loving Lagom’s super-hydrating products. Here are a few of our favorite reviews for their most popular products.

Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser

Holy grail morning cleanser!!!!

Super gentle, smells like flowers, and my skin is soft and clean and happy after. The texture is squishy and so fun to use that I'm actually excited to wash my face in the AM. If you're looking for a makeup removing cleanser, this is not it. This is best used first thing in the morning, or in the evening (if you didn't put makeup on), or after an oil cleansing as a second step cleanser. Using this after Cremorlab cleansing gel oil is perfect for my sensitive skin. -Sanaa H., Verified Buyer

I have never been one of those people who felt clean after a cleanse that didn’t foam, this is great though! I have congested combo skin that tends to get dry and red easily. This has been a great cleanser. I’ve been using the aromatica oil cleanser to remove make up followed by this at night and my skin feels clean and hydrated. Perfect cleanse in the morning. No stripping just clean and soft. -Margaret C., Verified Buyer

I have very sensitive skin and will break out with the slightest change. This cleanser is life! It is so light and perfect for sensitive skin! I use it after my oil cleanser and I feel completely bare from makeup after my wash! -Elizabeth P., Verified Buyer

Cellus Deep Moisture Cream

Bought this as a winter moisturizer in anticipation for another brutal Chicago winter. I cannot recommend it enough. My skin is supple, hydrated and happy. It's particularly amazing for my nose to prevent broken capillaries due to rough winter weather and blowing it all the time. GO FOR IT. -Anne M., Verified Buyer

Like many others I, myself was very reluctant to purchase because of my sensitive skin. I've been looking for a moisturizer that was not greasy, for sensitive skin and dryness. This right here was it! I have very sensitive and acne prone so anything that I use I make sure to read reviews. Like everyone that reviewed this product, it was definitely worth the try. It's not greasy, it did not break me out, and I noticed that it helped with my scars a little, and haven't noticed any dryness at all. I live in Boston and the weather currently is cold here so it definitely does the job. Not sure how it would work in the summer time but I only use it at night before bed because I wear something else during the day with SPF. Overall, it makes my skin super soft in the morning when I wake up and it feels so good on the skin. The formula like they say it is just right, not thick or liquidity, just right! I highly recommend! -Dep T., Verified Buyer

Cellus Mist Toner

 I love this, I don't go a day without it since I got it. I use it after I wash my face every time, throughout the day, and whenever I feel my skin needs a pick me up because of dryness. -Jennifer S., Verified Buyer

I was looking for a toner that would provide hydration and wouldn't irritate my sensitive skin. This toner is definitely a great fit! -Erika N., Verified Buyer

I have the most finicky, easily reactive skin - this is the easiest way to balance, hydrate &/or refresh. If I have a reaction to something new, this is 1 of those products that, with certainty, I can use even in my "repair" routine. -Katrina K., Verified Buyer

Posted on December 18, 2018
by Peach & Lily