LAGOM: Hydrate Your Skin With Cutting-Edge Aquaporin Technology

There are many ‘keys’ to healthy skin. And there are many expert opinions about the “right” way to achieve clear, healthy, beautiful skin. But one thing the experts agree on is hydration. Hydration is KEY.

And while most skincare products make claims of hydration, none deliver quite like our latest brand curation. We’re very excited to introduce you to Lagom. In Swedish, Lagom means “just the right amount,” or “not too little, not too much.” In keeping with the name, Lagom’s products work to help you achieve balanced, hydrated skin.

The Lagom line is the brainchild of two powerful forces:

  1. Kowon-Hye, one of Korea’s most acclaimed makeup artists, and the woman credited with popularizing that fresh-faced dewy skin look now so pervasive in Korea.  After decades of experience as a makeup artist to A-list celebrities, Kowon recognized that the best way to look great in makeup is to apply it to healthy skin.

  1. A team of 12 experts including doctors, researchers, dermatologists, and professors who collaborated on Lagom’s formulations. This impressive group has expertise in subjects ranging from skin disease and cytobiology to oriental medicine and cosmetic R&D.

Together, they developed products that hydrate skin in a way that no other ingredient can. Remember: hydrated skin is the optimal canvas for makeup application.  When your skin is hydrated, makeup sits on the skin better, lasts longer, and doesn’t do that awful thing where it cakes up within any fine line on your face! And keeping your skin ultra-hydrated can actually diminish those pesky lines.

But to best understand this amazing (and extremely buzzy) brand and why it provides unrivaled hydration, you must understand DermaFlux, the hero ingredient that powers almost all of the line's products.

So, a brief science lesson:

DermaFlux works with the inherent hydrating capacity of our bodies to keep the skin optimally hydrated at a cellular level in an entirely different way. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides bring moisture to skin cells, but are more easily diminished due to factors of daily life from extreme weather to simply cleansing skin. DermaFlux, however brings moisture into your cells -- which means this moisture is yours to keep and nothing can strip it away. In fact, DermaFlux was tested in extreme conditions, including severely dry climates, and it is clinically proven that once your cells have moisture delivered into the cells themselves, that moisture stays.

DermaFlux intelligently also channels moisture to the areas where it is needed most. This effect is achieved via upregulation of key water channeling proteins called “aquaporins.”  By activating aquaporins - proteins located in cell membranes, DermaFlux helps draw moisture from the body -- and into the cells of the skin. Cells are plumped up as they literally fill up with water leaving skin bouncier, more hydrated and healthier.

In 2003, the discovery of aquaporins won the Nobel Prize in chemistry.  Lagom has applied this science to skincare. “Other cosmetics temporarily give a sense of moisture,”  Dr. Kim Jin-Hwa from SKINMED, LAGOM's research institute, explains.  “Lagom products work at a cellular level to deliver powerful and lasting hydration that is clinically proven.”

We are so excited to introduce you to this amazing new brand. From its revolutionary, innovative hydrating capabilities, to Kowon’s expert influence on everything from the products to create to how to best, and most conveniently package them, Lagom is playing a starring role in our medicine cabinets.

The universality of all skin’s need for hydration, and the carefully chosen botanical extracts that these products are made with are truly good for all skin types. So, give your skin the big dose of hydration it deserves. Shop Lagom now to experience aquaporin cosmeceuticals for yourself.  

Launched today: Lagom’s Gel-To-Water Cleanser (the texture-transforming, one-step morning cleanser we didn’t even know we’d been waiting for, which works to effectively get rid of dirt collected while we sleep), the Cellus Mist Toner (which hydrates the skin and balances its pH in a chic and convenient chubby spray bottle) and two incredible moisturizers the Cellus Mild Moisture Cream and the Cellus Deep Moisture Cream (normal to oilier skin types should go with mild, while drier skin types should choose deep).

Posted on July 08, 2016
by Peach & Lily