Debunking the 4 Most Common Myths about Pores
Pores get a bad rap. But believe it or not, pores are a good thing! They allow sweat and sebum to be excreted out of our skin and also house our hair follicles. Due to these very functions, certain triggers like excess sebum production, inflammation and retention hyperkeratosis can cause our pores to become clogged and infected.
Meet Your Pore-Fit™ Trainer at Ulta Beauty!
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Peach Skincare Academy Summer School: Summer Skincare Hacks
Warmer weather and more time in the sun is what makes the summer everyone’s favorite season. But with that, more sun exposure, hotter temps and higher humidity levels can wreak havoc on your skin.These skincare hacks will keep those seasonal skin concerns at bay, so you can maintain your #GlassSkinGoals all year round!
Peach Skincare Academy Summer School: Ceramides 101
You may have heard Ceramides listed as an ingredient in many popular skincare products, but do you know what they are? We're kicking off our Peach Skincare Academy Summer School with a quick overview of this incredible skincare ingredient and why you should incorporate it into your routine!What are Ceramides?Ceramides are natural lipids (fat molecules) that exist on the skin barrier to restore moisture and strengthen the skin. You can think of ceramides as the glue between the blocks (cells) of your skin; they help hold your skin cells together on the top layer of the skin and form a protective layer that helps retain moisture and plump skin. Having a healthy skin barrier helps give a smoother, firmer and healthier glow!
Rethink Your Acne Routine with our 3 Step Acne Solution
We are very excited to introduce you to our NEW Peach Slices Acne line. A 3-step system that is super strong on acne, and super gentle on your skin!
The 15 Minute Gua Sha Routine You Need
What is gua sha? Facial gua sha involves a beauty tool and gentle, slow strokes that massage the face and neck to improve circulation and release tension for a less puffy, more lifted and glowing complexion.Enter the Lanshin Pro Gua Sha Tool, a custom-designed Gua Sha tool created by Sandra Lanshin Chiu, an acupuncturist, herbalist and expert in Facial Gua Sha and Chinese medicine-based skincare. Sandra affectionally dubs this tool the “the Swiss Army knife of Gua Sha, the only tool you’ll ever need.” It took years to perfect and is hand-cut, hand-carved and hand-polished from pure Nephrite Jade.Watch Sandra, Lanshin's founder, as she walks you through a 15 Minute Gua Sha Routine:
Easy At-Home Korean Skincare Techniques
Here at Peach & Lily, as a Korean beauty brand and destination, we celebrate Korean beauty brands and also the beautiful ingredients, innovations, and practices that come from Korea and throughout Asia.
Happy Birthday, Glass Skin Serum!