Skincare regimen of the month and yes, order matters

As promised, here are the details behind my daily skincare regimen! I do love sharing about all things beauty, so it is a pleasure to answer any and all questions about beauty/my own regimen etc so always feel free to ask away!

I tend to change my regimen often depending on the weather, season and new products I’ve discovered. When I find a skincare regimen that works though, I do stick to it for a  good 4-8 weeks and by that time I’m usually out of the product. I have to admit that as a truly avid skincare/beauty user, I end up going through my products a bit faster than others because I apply it all over the face, neck, décolleté and sometimes the back of my hands.

I have discovered a rockstar skincare regimen while hunting high and low for the best of the best. My skin positively glows, and I could not be happier :) Here’s a detailed view of my regimen. Yes, there are a lot of steps, and yes, all these steps have different functions and are truly wonderful for the skin. In skincare, less is definitely not always more.

#1) Start with the Sua Young botanical cleansing gel

#2) Follow up with the Sua Young botanical soothing toner

#3) Apply the Sua Young brightening biocomplex serum

#4) Apply the Be the Skin Power Nutrition serum

#5) Apply Mizon’s snail eye cream

#6) Combine Be the Skin’s Power Nutrition Cream with 2 small drops of Aromatica’s organic oil and pat onto skin as the last step!


Then in the mornings, after all that, I apply #7) Sua Young’s mineral BB Complete which also has spf in it.


Twice a week, I’ll essentially put on a face mask in the evenings and if my skin is feeling more hydrated that day, I’ll stop there. If not, I’ll sometimes continue onto step 4 and stop there. On particularly dry days, I’ll do a face mask, and actually follow through with steps 4-6.


So here’s a rundown of steps #1-3 and what I LOVE about this part of my regimen:

#1) Sua Young botanical cleansing gel: LOVE THIS CLEANSER. A good facial cleanser is half the battle. This gentle but super powerful cleanser leaves my face truly squeaky clean without irritating it in the least bit. With natural ingredients, no synthetic fragrances and spa-grade scent/texture/ingredients, I can’t stop using this cleanser. On bottle #2 already, but just can’t do without it. Not only does the face feel cleaner than other cleansers I’ve used to use, but the skin is so soft and supple afterwards. Note: do not ever use body wash or regular soap on the face, it’ll throw you pH level off and can lead to irritated skin, premature aging and acne; body wash is simply not formulated to keep the gentle skin on the face balanced at the right pH level.

#2) Sua Young botanical soothing spray toner: Please do yourself a favor and don’t ever skip this step. A toner balances your pH level after the facial wash and will neutralize it back to where it should be. It preps you for the rest of your skincare regimen as well. Balancing the pH level is important because that optimal pH level will keep bacteria away (read: prevents acne as bacteria leads to acne). Awesome toner that does all of the above with top-shelf ingredients and hydrates the face while soothing it. Can’t ask for more. Note: this is also a mist. On dry days, I carry this around and spritz mid-day…makes a big, big difference.

If you’re interested, check it out here:

#3) Sua Young brightening biocomplex serum: I traveled quite a bit a couple years ago with reckless abandon and wasn’t great about wearing sunscreen (I know, shame shame shame on me). Kind of paying for it now with a bit of melasma. The sun damage also made my skin a bit duller and ever so slightly leathery looking. I missed my translucent healthy glow and so went on a serious search for a product that would fight the melasma and bring back some radiance. I found it in this Sua Young serum (the first of the Sua Young products that I tried and fell in love with and then discovered all their products are sensational) and pretty much saw that after using this for a good month and going through an entire bottle, my skin visibly improved in clarity and radiance. And the melasma got better. So I double downed and got another bottle. So happily finishing up bottle #2 and loving every pump of it. Smells amazing, feels great, but most importantly (for me) it works. This one’s a keeper I’ll likely come back to often.

Here’s a link to this goodness:

#4) Be the Skin Power Nutrition Serum:  Serums are power bombs in skincare. Serums are formulated to penetrate the skin whereas creams are formulated to sit atop the skin and create a barrier so that moisture does not leave the skin. Therefore, a great serum or two or three is so critical because this is how those great ingredients will actually reach the deeper layers of the skin where the good things (like cell turnover, rejuvenation, melanin suppression, sebum control, etc) happen. This particular serum is formulated with absolutely incredible ingredients that thoroughly infuse hydration into the skin with collagen boosting ingredients so that the skin doesn’t sag. I use this religiously because it’s the only product in my entire regimen that helps with firming the skin. I love that this serum smells so subtle and fresh, and is actually priced really low for the amazing high quality ingredients used. Skincare fan alert: great value, great value!

You can get one here:

#5) Mizon snail eye cream: Sigh, I will also be battling under-eye bags. I have bad allergies and rub my eyes a lot and that wreaks havoc on my eyes. So it’s important for me to keep the eye area well hydrated, well circulated (allergies cause them to swell), and youthful despite the rubbing. I was drawn to the snail eye cream for the renowned properties of snail enzyme - it hydrates, firms and best of all, rejuvenates. The cream works pretty well! The hydration helps to lighten the bags and the skin looks healthier. No complaints and this out of 7 other eye creams (I take my under-eye issue rather seriously) made it into the daily regimen.

Sorry, we don’t carry this at the moment!

#6) Be the Skin Power Nutrition cream + Aromatica argan oil: I have really dry skin. So it’s not enough to use the cream which I LOVE for the scent, the A-list ingredients and the way my skin feels after patting this on. However, in the dry winter months, I like dabbing on an extra dash of organic argan oil to really keep that glow. I simply put a quarter-sized dollop of cream on my hand, drop on 2 small drops of argan oil, rub together and pat onto the skin. After mixing around with various skincare products, this winning combo has really done wonders for me. Been getting tons of compliments, so think this combo is one I’ll stick to every winter!

The cream is here: and sorry, we don’t carry the argan oil currently but will do so in a few weeks!


In the morning, after all that, I put on #7) Sua Young BB Mineral Complete: I personally LOVE this BB Cream. I’ve tried over 30 different ones for several days and this one suits me the best. It’s the only I found that is mineral-based (like Bare Minerals), which means there’s no harmful ingredients and irritating things like talc. The key with this is to make sure you’re super well hydrated before this goes on because when that’s the case, this makes you look extra dewy. Also, I find that this applies better if you tap it in quick short pat/brushes instead of just smearing the whole thing onto the face as if you’re applying lotion. That lotion-applying method isn’t the greatest for this product. I’m definitely on tube#2 for this and ordered a bunch more just to stock up. While I’ll probably experiment and switch to other serums once I run out of these, I won’t be replacing this BB Cream for a very long time (specifically, for another 5 tubes worth - that’s my personal stockpile for now!). Extremely pleased with this BB Cream.


I won’t review the masks I use in this entry because I pretty much use a really wide range of masks.

Hope this entry is helpful and provides detailed answers for questions that I’ve gotten about my own skincare regimen!

Cheers to radiance - Alicia

Posted on July 03, 2015
by Peach & Lily