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Vitamin C Boost Powder
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This pure Vitamin C powder is rich in antioxidants, ideal for tackling hyperpigmentation, protecting skin from environmental damage and premature aging, plus encouraging your skin to boost its very own collagen production. For those who are unfamiliar with Vitamin C or are looking to adjust the amount they are introducing into their skincare routine, this powder is the ideal product as you can determine how often (and how much) that Vitamin C boost gets to your skin. Regular use restores skin to its best, clearest, most youthful look.

Size: 10 ml
100% Pure Ascorbic Acid
How to Use
Using the small scoop that comes with the product, blend 1-2 small spoonfuls of the powder into a dollop of serum or moisturizer to transform it into a Vitamin C boosted step of your routine. Target problem areas of fine lines and hyperpigmentation or over your whole face.
Peach and Lily Take
Vitamin C in powder form is more stable than in liquid form so application yields greater results. See for yourself with a powdered Vitamin C boost to your favorite step of your skincare routine.
The Must Know
Caution: Some skin types can be very sensitive to Vitamin C so we recommend doing a patch test of the powder on the skin behind your ear before applying over the whole of your face. As noted in the how-to, mix a tiny scoop with serum or moisturizer, blend, then apply. If using in the AM, make sure to follow up with SPF as Vitamin C can cause skin to become more photosensitive.