Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask
Place over eyes for a quick nap or a deep sleep
We knew that activated charcoal was great for deep cleansing skin but what does it do in an eye mask? This Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask helps relieve eye fatigue by easing tension and pressure around the eyes and employing the benefits of activated charcoal. Each mask is made with four layers that are softly padded with a silky satin front and an additional strip of fabric that gently forms around your nose and eyes to block out the light and quiet your mind. A micro-fine charcoal powder is infused into the organic cotton that lines the back of the mask, so you can experience the natural properties of activated charcoal in your personal care and wellness routine. Comes with two straps and an easily adjustable velcro band to join them behind your head. It helps to relieve fatigue by easing pressure on the eye area, promoting blood circulation, and soothing away tension that can cause headaches. Your entire body will feel the benefit. Great for relaxation, meditation, stress relief, sinus pain, air plane travel and sound sleep.
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    (1) Satin and soft padding plus an adjustable velcro strap to secure a comfortable fit

    (2) Micro-fine charcoal powder is infused into the cotton of the mask itself

    (3) Promotes blood circulation, eases tension, and relaxes.

    Note: The older design of this mask included a thin sheet of charcoal paper but the paper has since been switched out for a micro-powder that is now infused with the cotton that rests against your eyes.
    Skin Concerns
    • Wellness
    Skin Types
    • Dry Skin
    • Normal Skin
    • Oily Skin
    How to Use
    Slip on over the eyes and gently place the elastic band around the back of the head for a snug fit. Place over eyes for a quick nap or a deep sleep.

    For general care: Wipe with a damp cloth For occasional care: Soak in lukewarm water only a few minutes. Avoid rubbing the mask to prevent accelerating the deterioration of the material.
    Do not machine wash.
    Replace every 3 months. If you see a change in the fabric as it interacts with the oils in your skin or if you perspire overnight, replace sooner.
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    We love that Morihata continues to find innovative uses for binchotan charcoal. Here's what Morihata has to say about the charcoal they use: "A natural purifier, activated charcoal absorbs excess oil and toxins from the skin and emits Far Infrared Rays, which gently relax the muscles around the eyes and stimulate blood circulation to reduce puffiness."
    Slip on this soft eye mask and let the activated charcoal go to work to help with health and general wellness by focusing on the eye area. Get an extra good night's sleep because beauty and skincare start from getting good rest.

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