Organic Argan Oil
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This facial oil is formulated with the highest grade, pure organic argan oil. It is extremely gentle on the skin and won't clog pores. It is formulated to provide major hydration which is an essential foundation to healthy skin. Great for all skin types!

Size: 10ml
Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil 100%

ecocert Certified All Natural And Organic
How to Use
Cleanse then tone face. Use 2-3 drops alone or in tandem with your favorite serum/moisturizer and gently massage into skin. Follow with cream.
Peach and Lily Take
This product is often referred to as "liquid gold," and we wholeheartedly agree. We love using this whenever our skin environment seems a little haywire - this oil helps keep oily skin more balanced and helps keep dry skin hydrated and healthy. It's the perfect supplement to any skincare routine.
The Must Know
(1) Intensively hydrates without heaviness or greasy feeling
(2) Naturally encourages softer skin
(3) Replenishes moisture without clogging pores