Cell Power Energy Essence

Refreshing, cooling, gentle

Cooling and hydrating, this dual-acting essence has a soothing oatmeal base we recommend for irritated, dry, and/or itchy skin because of its incredible moisturizing qualities. Oat meal extract is gentle and soothing, good for all skin types, and it’s boosted in this revitalizing essence with edelweiss extract (soothes skin), sodium hyaluronate (replenishes skin), and niacinamide (evens out skin tone and reduces signs of aging). This essence doesn’t just stop there, though, because it contains a truly powerful secret ingredient: plant stem cell extracts. Regular use of this essence (which is suitable for daily use for all skin types!) helps maintain more youthful-looking skin that has that enviable lit-from-within glow because plant stem cell extracts encourage cell turnover in your skin, bringing new, young skin cells to the surface. The result is healthy and bouncy skin that helps you look younger and glow from the inside out.