The Dream
Sheet Mask

We asked you what you wanted—on Instagram, our blog, through surveys and via e-mail.

Here's What You've Asked For

“The sheet mask of my dreams will stay on and not drip, with so much serum on it that it's still going strong after 30 minutes, anti-inflammatory, and has no fragrance.”

“The mask of my dreams would address those enlarged pores, be of a fresh light scent, not overwhelming, plump the skin, address more deep lines, be cost efficient...”

“It would deliver incredible and lasting hydration, beyond just the surface of the skin. It would have ingredients in therapeutic amounts that would balance, soothe & heal compromised moisture barriers and blemishes...”

“I'd like for these effects to last for more than one day after masking, and the mask should be easily available.”

“My dream mask would be a mask that has the high end ingredient but at an affordable price so i can use it to replace part of my evening skin routine...”

“My dream mask would have the perfect fit and be able to hydrate the skin, reduce redness, soothe the skin, brighten, add suppleness, and contain anti-inflammatory or anti-aging properties.”

“My ideal sheet mask would have brightening and redness-soothing ingredients, and absolutely no alcohol denat...”

“I can feel the serum mixture slowly seep in...and not just sit on top of my skin...then after I take this dream mask off I have flawless, beautiful skin :-) (A lady can dream, right?)”

  1. 1

    No synthetic fragrances, denatured alcohol or overwhelming scents.

  2. 2

    Essence should absorb into skin—leaving skin lit-from-within.

  3. 3

    Mask adheres to every corner of face—doesn't slide or hang off.

  4. 4

    Skin becomes soft and supple—it looks it, too.

  5. 5

    Amazing ingredients—amazing results.

Here's What We Made For You

Breathable, lightweight, gentle.

Clings to skin so every nook gets the good stuff.

Fun Lab Fact

Sheet masks are like wine. Some formulas pair better with certain mask materials. All our mask materials are made with silky cellulose cotton fibers. One of the three has a slightly different material - so you can get the most out of each mask.

No synthetic fragrances or denatured alcohol.

Only SuperSkin Ingredients.

Fun Lab Fact

Not all ingredients mix well together. On the other hand, some ingredients, when thoughtfully combined, amplify each other's strengths. Each cocktail of ingredients was concocted with scientific precision and artistic creativity.

Packed with benefits. Results-driven.

Immediately after use, you'll see a difference. Wait an hour, or see your face the next morning, you'll be even happier.

Fun Lab Fact

Some ingredients produce results immediately. Other ingredients can take a few hours. Still others can take a few weeks. We made sure to include ingredients that will wow you right away, and the next day. And with continued use, enjoy even greater results.

The Backstory

2 labs, 18 months, and 500+ tests later...