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Peach Slices Brands

Discovering K-Beauty is easier than ever with Peach Slices' special range of curated products for CVS Pharmacy! With 100+ trend-setting, NEW and exclusive products at more than 2,100 stores nationwide – Peach Slices K-Beauty HQ at CVS has everything you need for beauty that’s healthy and fun! From benefit-focused masks, multi-step skincare regimens, whimsical cosmetics and innovative ingredients like egg oil, snail mucin and more!  Take a peak at what's featured and find your new favorite products!

Skincare is easy, fun and affordable with the new Peach Slices line from Alicia Yoon! Clever and playful, the innovative, high-quality collection of nine K-Beauty products combines gentle, natural ingredients like honey and yuzu with playful and spirited twists, and the natural cotton masks feature no harsh chemicals, dyes, alcohol, parabens or sulfates.

This iconic Korean beauty brand’s innovative skincare line merges a multitude of serious benefits with beautiful packaging. The 13 products boast naturally-derived, high-function ingredients like snail mucin which replenishes moisture and supports cell regeneration, hydrating hyaluronic acid and more.

With one Ariul 7 Day Mask Series selling every eight seconds in Korea, this massively popular brand features products inspired by organic juices and natural ingredients like celery, kale, bamboo water, avocado and pomegranate to nurture skin. Formulated without parabens, mineral oil, artificial coloring and triethanolamine (TEA), The assortment of 22 products includes the NEW and exclusive to the U.S. Ariul EGG Collection with innovative egg oil to radically transform skin for a brighter complexion, as well as the Berry Blast line to fight daily pollutants and the Aqua Blast line offering intense hydration.

Who says quality products can't also be playful? With fun and effective skincare and trending cosmetics – like the Sanrio-inspired Gudetama collection of peeling gels, oil to foam cleansers and more – Holika Holika simplifies beauty with natural Korean ingredients and easy-to-use, innovative formulations all housed in adorable eye-catching packaging.

Supercharged skincare with waterless formulas and organic fruit-derived extracts, this line of 12 products hydrate and nourish skin by only including ingredients full of healthy antioxidants. Formulas are packed with powerful ingredients, and leave out anything without a benefit to skin – and benefits range from fighting the signs of aging to minimizing pores.

With potent natural ingredients sourced from around the world, including water from Iceland and Waratah from Australia, The Saem delivers high-performing eco skincare products and innovative, playful cosmetics designed to delight and deliver.

Pore-treatment powerhouse Caolion worked with their labs to formulate a new line of pore products with the launch of JJ Young by Caolion Lab. The new line is focused on a younger audience (teens, 20s) who has more resilient skin that can handle the action-packed blackhead clearing and pore tightening formulas created by Caolion Lab.

And…check out our online only items! Special products we discovered - like Panda’s Dream Eye Patch, Egg White Bubble Cleanser and more!

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