Staff Secrets: The Toners We Can't Live Without

When you work at a beauty company, especially one focused in skincare, you pick up a lot of visage wisdom. Oh, and the products- the Peach & Lily staff has hundreds of products cross their desk (and complexions) every year.  In our new series, “Staff Secrets,” the team reveals their obsessions and the products you should really, truly know about (and try, like, right now).  First up, toners.

Toners, to use or not to use, that has been the question. They were once considered an integral part of a skincare routine and then fell off the radar. Recently, toners have come back into the spotlight and are considered to be an essential component of the K-beauty skincare routine. They have become so popular in Korea that the "7 skin method" of applying toners in multiple layers is the latest way to get bouncy skin. If toners still conjure thoughts of harsh alcohol-heavy formulas that left skin stinging, think again. New formulations help reset pH balance, remove residue left behind from cleansers and can even hydrate and protect skin. 

Read on to discover Peach & Lily's staff picks, especially the one toner that three different team members can't live without. 


Name: Alicia

Title: CEO & Founder

Age: 35

Type of Skin : Dry like the desert. Sensitive. Have eczema.

Favorite Toner: I've been using “Be the Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Toner” for the past five years. I can't say that about a lot of products as I'm always trying new things and finding new staples to include in my regimen. This toner has royal jelly in it along with a ton of antioxidant-rich botanical and herbal extracts, and does not include alcohol. My skin is totally hydrated after use and really soothed. I test products really frequently, which means I put my skin through a lot as I wade through products that might cause my complexion to get irritated. I know that no matter how angry my skin is with me, this toner won't cause even more distress in an attempt to calm my skin down. It also smells delicious and puts me in a good mood. Most of all though, I love how it leaves my skin really supple and just gleaming with hydration even in the middle of winter. I told the Be the Skin founder that he can't ever stop making this toner.

Name: Edward

Job Title: Husband

Age: 35

Type of Skin: Alicia says that my skin is "normal to dry, and a little sensitive"

Favorite Toner: My current and forever favorite toner is Be The Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Toner.  I am not too ingredient focused. I also don't value "newness" (which should not even be a word, in my opinion).  I prioritize efficiency and effectiveness. This toner has the perfect viscosity. It is thick enough so that it won't pour through your fingers or bounce of your face, and it is liquid enough so that it spreads quickly and easily. It only takes me a few seconds to apply it after washing my face, which is in keeping with my extremely rapid Korean beauty regimen. It is one of the rare toners that provides significant hydration while balancing the pH of my skin. The fact that it also has a subtle, pleasing, fresh and herbaceaous scent (as suitable for men as for women), simple clean graphics, a bottle with satisfying heft, and a cap which spins off and on in one efficient motion push it even further over the top. It is the Platonic Ideal of toners.


Name: Estefanía

Job Title: B2B Accounts Manager and Strategic Partnerships.

Age: 28.

Type of Skin : Combination.

Favorite Toner: I like Saturday Skin Daily Dew Hydrating Essence Mist, it is a toner AND an essence all in one. I also love that it comes with a spray – it’s super easy to use! Another thing I find super interesting is the story of the brand; it was developed by a very recognized wellness center in Korea, and this line was specifically designed for people in their 20s and 30s. Skin does change with age, and I think that this is perfect for me at this moment in my life.


Name: Jessica

Job Title: Graphic Designer

Age: 23

Type of Skin: Dry, with occasional hormonal oiliness

Favorite Toner: I love the lightweight feel of the Be The Skin Botanical Pore Toner. On days when I'm feeling particularly oily and have acne, I like to apply a treatment, cleanse, and then apply the toner (paying special attention to any spots I may have) and finish the rest of my routine. The toner makes my skin feel thoroughly cleansed and prepped before hydrating. I feel like my pores look more refined since using this toner.


Name: Sanaa

Job Title: Manager

Age: 27

Type of Skin: Combination, Acne-prone, Sensitive

Favorite Toner:  The texture of the Be The Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Toner  is thicker and more viscous than a traditional toner, and it's the most hydrating toner I've ever used (functions as a toner and essence in one). It contains honey (anti-bacterial properties which helps with acne) and royal jelly which moisturizes and calms inflammation. It leaves my skin brighter and feels really soothing when applied. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin like the alcohol-based toners I've tried in the past. I apply this with a cotton pad so I can sweep away any remaining oil,dirt, makeup or dead skin after cleansing.

Name: Sheryl

Title: Digital Content Manager

Age: 31

Type of Skin: Combination

Favorite Toner: I’ll be honest, I often skipped toners thinking they’d be too drying. Since working here, I had to try the buzzy Raw Sauce from May Coop. A silky non-sticky base of maple tree sap and botanical extracts, it strikes the perfect balance of delivering hydration without being too heavy. Having combination skin, I’m always on a Goldilocks-esque hunt to find products that provide just the right amount of moisture without suffocating my pores. Even though NYC winds feel like they whisk any drop of moisture right out my skin, this addition seems to be the trick to keep my complexion hydrated longer.

Posted on March 21, 2017
by Sheryl George