We're proud to be in partnership with an incredible organization that is doing a lot of really hard and important work in such a relentless way.
Restore NYC's mission is to end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of these foreign nationals. They have a kickass team that does everything from working closely with law enforcement (both the FBI and city police) to help rescue victims of sex-trafficking to directly engaging these women in efforts to restore their independence and their lives through economic empowerment and counseling.
For over a year, we've partnered with this amazing nonprofit to give back in what ways we could as a company.
How we gave back:
Peach & Lily gifted beauty treatments and skincare to Restore staff and the women they serve, contributed to fundraising efforts, auctioned off mentoring sessions, and launched various themed collections to raise money and awareness for this incredible cause. 
Around this time last year, we opened the Restore Collection on our site which showcased products that help restore the skin. For the month of December, 100% of net proceeds from that specific Collection were donated to Restore NYC. We also said for every sheet mask selfie posted on social media platforms with the hashtag #maskforacause we donated $1 to Restore.
Thanks to you, we were able to donate $20,000 to Restore NYC last year!
How we can give back this year!
Through the Restore Collection:
We're doing a fun little 12 Days of Giving campaign where we'll have surprise perks for you each day. We wanted to start Day 1, though, with the true spirit of giving where we all focus on giving back because together, we can make a difference.
This year, our now annual Restore Campaign is back! 100% of net proceeds from the Restore Collection during December will be donated to Restore NYC.
We curated our Restore Collection thoughtfully, including bestsellers that truly help restore the skin. Shop this collection and restore your skin and restore others.
Through posting a sheet mask selfie
It's a fun way to raise awareness on social media about this cause -- and gives you a good reason to post a sheet mask selfie or two...or ten!
Be sure to use the hashtags #maskforacause #peachxrestore and tag @restorenyc and @peachandlily. We'll find the posts, count them up and...
for very selfie posted for this campaign, we donate $1 to Restore NYC.

Let's do it again, this year!
Give back directly
Restore NYC makes it easy to support their mission and even explains exactly what each $ goes toward.
Posted on December 13, 2016
by Peach & Lily