10 Products That Save Space *And* Look Chic

In celebration of Herbolle’s launch on Peach & Lily today, we’re rounding up our favorite products in line with our latest curations’ minimal, chic aesthetic. Furthermore, especially here in NYC, we know many of you are cramped for space, so let this top ten serve as a guide to making the most of our too-tiny medicine cabinets and our precious post-work time!

Find here: some of our favorite products that either/and/or:

  1. pack a multi-step punch making them travel/small space friend
  2. look chic in any bathroom and
  3. you might even be able to get your skincare resistant boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/sister into!

The Essentials

  • Herbolle, Rosemary Repair Hair Shampoo Natural
  • This gentle, natural, farm-to-bottle shampoo from our newest brand launch, Herbolle, is the epitome of our aesthetic #goals. We may not always be able to afford the sink/tiles/bathtub of our dreams, but if our shampoo can be chic—well, we’ll take it.

  • Herbolle, Rosemary Hair Conditioner
  • The other winning point to make about Herbolle is the signature Rosemary + Lavender scent. In addition to being good for your hair, these Jeju-Island-grown herbs double as aromatherapy, bringing a much needed breath of relief to your shower ritual.

  • Herbolle, Rosemary 
  • Creamy Body Wash
  • The best way to get that aromatherapy boost on non-hair-washing days!

    The Lotus, Lotus Leaf & Lemon Mist
    Another pick from Jeju Island, this refreshing mist features real lemon extract (you can tell when the bright yellow of the fruit rises to the top)—just give it a shake and spray (p.s. the pump in this bottle itself is in fact one of the best parts of this mist, it distributes a perfectly even mist). The lemon refreshes our skin—and our minds!

  • Cremorlab, T.E.N. Cremor Cleansing Gel Oil
    This first-step cleanser is lighter than a gel but thicker than an oil, and perfect for sensitive skin/all skin types. It's another one with a light, almost undetectable, but still very pleasant scent. It works wonders to clear away the grit of the day and prep the skin for a nice foam cleanse.



  • Aromatica, Organic Aloe Vera Gel
  • This generously sized pump bottle of 98.5% organic Aloe Vera gel helps soothe and cool sunburned skin, or just help with moisture and hydration whenever it’s needed.

  • Aromatica,  Peppermint Vitalizing Massage & Body Oil
  • It seems most of us carry extra tension in our necks, backs, hips, or in some cases, all of the above. Pamper yourself and your loved ones with these pretty little bottle. Layered in with key player peppermint, are soothing and healing eucalyptus, rosemary, and ginger oils.

  • Caolion, Pore Original Pack
  • Here at Peach & Lily, we like to think of masking as an activity that is appropriate for almost any occasion. But it's particularly sweet to loop a loved one in for the deep-cleansing/pore-clearing/skin-nurturing fun. Caolion's classic pore pack is a great one to share!


  • Shangpree, Bitgoa Hue Essence Toner
  • This bottle house seven natural, fermented ingredients, which, combined, works wonders to soften the skin, balance pH, combine the essence step + the toner step of our regimens, and set the stage for a smooth application of serum, moisturizers, what have you!

  • May Coop, Raw Sauce
  • One of our beloved cult-classics, May Coop’s famous maple based “sauce,” gets the most love as an essence, but in fact, tones, and lightly moisturizes (like an emulsion) too! Its gentle, natural, sweet-but-not-too-sweet scent makes it a gender-neutral pick.

    Posted on January 21, 2016
    by Peach & Lily