Tips for Winter Skincare

Since about 3 days ago, all we seem to do over here at Peach and Lily is slather on hand lotion repeatedly! It is noticeably much dryer in the winter months, isn’t it? Face feels more taut and the radiance is turning into that dreaded winter dullness. One thing to keep in mind, it’s less effective to try to keep putting moisture back into the skin, and far more effective to prevent moisture from leaving the skin. Here are a few easy tips to prevent moisture loss:

1. Exfoliate: Exfoliated skin absorbs moisturizer better and will create a moisture barrier more effectively keeping your moisture locked in.

2. Humidifiers are en vogue: The heater will suck moisture out of the air. Put it back in with a (well cleaned) humidifier. Your dewey skin will thank you. Really.

3. Mixology: For those with dry skin, dabbing a tiny bit of olive oil into your palm and mixing your moisturizer into the oil creates a much more powerful moisturizer. Those with normal to slightly oily skin, skip the olive oil (it will likely clog pores) and try aloe or jojoba oil. Oils are great to seal in moisture but remember to wash face AM and PM thoroughly when you’re indulging in some fun vanity table mixology. After all, nobody wants stale olive oil left on the face. (sorry, that sounded rather unpleasant.)

On that note, bidding winter dullness adieu and braving the snow for a late lunch break!


Posted on August 01, 2015
by Alicia Yoon