The Yin and Yang of Asian Beauty

What does yin and yang have to do with beauty? According to time-old Asian beauty practices, a whole lot.

Essentially, yin and yang are terms to describe the elements of the body that need to be balanced for optimal health. This way, there is good circulation of ‘qi,’ the body’s critical energy. Western medicine calls these different things, but whatever you call it, it’s important for the body to have good blood circulation and healthy metabolic processes.

When it comes to skincare, this is equally important. The skin needs great circulation so that cell turnover is healthy, which is pretty critical. Bad cell turnover leads to dead skin cells staying on the outer layer for longer, which clogs pores, causes breakouts, breaks down the acid mantle (body’s first defense to keep bacteria out) and leads to overall dull, lackluster skin.

Herbal skincare is all about using nature to get your body’s balance right so that circulation is running smoothly. Thousands of years of experience shows what the impact of certain roots or mushrooms or flowers have on the body. It’s this ageless practice that is infused into skincare that works wonders. Couple that with modern science and spot-on formulations, you get a whole incredible category of beauty products that work absolute wonders on beautifying the skin from the inside-out.

What we love about herbal skincare is that because each herb has very specific effects on the body, each skincare line tackles very specific skincare needs. Tailored skincare products for those with very dry skin or semi dry skin or large pores or dull skin. We love it.

So Peach and Lily has gone on a serious hunt to find a brand that effectively unleashes the power of these herbs.

We found one we love called Be the Skin. AH-MAZING brand.


What we love about this brand is that it infuses herbs with all-natural botanical ingredients…and adds in power ingredients to specific products. A toner with botanical herbs and royal jelly to balance pH levels while hydrating and firming? Yes, please.

They have different skincare lines. Apparently, they have a rockstar brightening line. I brought home the line (featured in the picture, sorry for the blurriness) for very dry skin. I stay really hydrated with this despite the winter dryness with the heater blasting 24/7. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Cheers to a balanced yin and yang for year-round dewiness!


Tags: Asian beauty
Posted on July 02, 2015
by Alicia Yoon