Poring into pores

I don’t like pores. You don’t like pores. No one likes pores. But they’re there, anyway.

I mean, they’ll always be there so that we can actually sweat and important things like that ;) but we want to keep them as small as possible so that you can’t actually see the holes on your skin. Not cute.

So, let’s talk about why they’re there and then how to get rid of them.

What causes them (to enlarge)?

Two main things. One, when they become clogged with anything (sweat, pollutants, even heavy creams) and they remain obstructed, when sweat comes out but is blocked, the pores will enlarge.

Two, as collagen breaks down and we age, the skin around the pores loosen up and pores enlarge.

How do you get rid of them (make them smaller)?

Keeping your pores clean and unclogged will help ensure they don’t become bigger, but they won’t shrink your pores necessarily. Once the obstruction is cleared up, the pores do shrink back a little bit but not too much, and unfortunately once we’re a bit older, that shrinkage doesn’t happen as easily.

What can help is collagen which helps the skin around the pores tighten up, and other skincare products that will firm up the skin.

Without going too much into the science behind these products (it’ll get long), I can share about a Peach and Lily-favorite pore product.

It’s made a HUGE splash in Korea this past summer when the product was released (literally 1M+ flew off shelves in a matter of months) because there is a marked difference in the size of your pores after using the product. Basically, it’s entire focus is getting the right ingredients deep into your pores where the skin inside the pores is tightened up to squeeze that pore shut. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

A big round of applause for Caolion’s Where is Pore? (yes, it’s called ‘Where is Pore?’ haha). Easily became a staple to be used year-round. Totally smooths out the skin. Big difference putting on BB Cream with tiny pores vs with regular-sized pores. BB Cream looks stunning and flawless with a smoother skin surface.

What’s your favorite product/remedy to stay pore-free?

 Would love to hear from you! Realize I don’t ask my readers much…first time I’m asking so indulge me, will ya? =)


Posted on July 02, 2015
by Alicia Yoon