Deep dive: Caolion

One more deep-dive for the week! So we’re being asked a lot of questions about Caolion as well so here’s another comprehensive blog entry about a brand that we love.

You’ll also be able to shop this brand in the US (finally!) next week here: – make sure you sign up so that you can stay tuned for when the exclusive sale happens next week and get first dibs on the limited inventory.

I’ll follow the same format and start with the brand story!

Caolion’s founder had very sensitive skin and searched high and low for mild products that would not irritate her. She couldn’t find products that were compatible with her irritable skin and so decided to take matters into her own hands. As a side note, we LOVE that attitude. :) Instead of looking at the list of ingredients used in beauty products today, she found her inspiration in nature. She wanted to tap into the 5,000 years of Korean beauty history and knowledge. With that in mind, she launched Caolion, which is one of the first brands in Korea to come out with products that exclude coloring, fragrances and alcohol. She makes sure that all products follow a very strict manufacturing process without the nasties (parabens, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, dyes, etc.). And of course, everything is hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. We love that she set the bar high with her own highly sensitive skin as the ultimate test.

Fast forward a few years from the initial launch (already decades ago), this brand slowly but surely started to gain consumer love, especially from those with sensitive skin.

Then fast forward even more to today and Caolion has blossomed into a brand where products sell out before they are restocked. We just love this story and the brand philosophy.

And of course at Peach and Lily, we have our own extremely stringent vetting process. Yes, it’s beauty heaven out here and yes, there are loads of wonderful brands, but! We still only want the best of the best. So in true Peach and Lily fashion, we research, we scrutinize ingredient lists, we interview the brands, we test the products personally, we review consumer reviews carefully, and after a lot of careful curation, we select a brand to bring to you. And this one made the cut for the wonderful, wonderful ingredient list, brand mission and effective, high-quality products!


Now onto the fun part…the products!

We’re thrilled because we’ll be debuting around a dozen of their amazing products, everything from cleansers, to sleeping masks to pore packs. This is going to be a really exciting selection to shop!

For now, I’ll cover a few of my favorite products that seem to be loved by millions of others!

1) Blackhead Steam Pore Pack

So what is the issue with clogged pores other than forming blackheads? Well, clogged pores create a vicious cycle where the pore will stretch as sweat is released around what is clogging your pore. So you can squeeze out the pore or use pore strips (the latter far better than the former) but this tends to stress and stretch the skin/pores. Caolion has a brilliant solution where a very gooey all-natural substance is smeared onto the face. Then that warms up the face (a lot) and the heat opens up the pores. Once the pore is opened up, the charcoal powder (very good at absorbing toxins)  effectively draws out the dirt and other unwanted things jammed into those poor pores. AWESOME product. However, some folks prefer product #2 to clean out the pores. Both work extremely well.


2) Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack

So this one uses the same active ingredient as the Steam Pack (charcoal, along with natural grains and nutrients) but instead of warming up the face and opening up the pores, it has a unique formulation to create oxygen bubbles. This oxygen bubble and charcoal combo pretty much fizzes into your pores and effectively cleans them out. A different cleaning method, if you will. Take your pick!

caolion blackhead bubble packBubblesCaolion

A graphic I find pretty cute…“bling bling clean pore.” Lol, gotta love it.

3) Pore Minimizing Pack

This is another one of their rockstar products that I explained in an earlier post. Simply put, enlarged pores need the skin inside the pore to be tightened. Naturally, a good preceding step is the clean out the pore first (Steam pack, Bubble pack or whatever other method you use…try to avoid squeezing and stressing the pore) and then use this product to tighten up that pore and firm it up so that it actually gets smaller. This product works. No wonder it flies off shelves.


I posted this image before but this just makes my day…this guy is really examining his face and looks somewhat surprised that the product really works. Love it.

Get your first dibs on the limited inventory at next week’s exclusive sale for the exciting pore series as well as other INCREDIBLE products from Caolion.  Sign up here and stay tuned:

Hats off to Caolion’s founder, Joo, for creating a solution that uses nature to work modern day wonders.


Posted on July 02, 2015
by Peach & Lily