Clarity sought on clary sage oil

So, I always wondered what exactly clary sage oil did for folks. I heard the essential oil thrown around here and there but never had clarity on how this fits into skincare.

I had an enlightening day today visiting this lovely organic brand - truly top-shelf organic ingredients only that are sourced from all over the world - and I was able to visit their R&D labs, manufacturing clean rooms, and a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful room where they store all their essential oils. The smell was heavenly. The CEO of this company, Aromatica, is this apothecary genius (more on him and the brand later - really deserves its own deep-dive entry) who basically spent two hours explaining really rare and top-shelf ingredients to me. And lo and behold, I see Clary Sage Oil in a large metal airtight banister.

So! My learnings are that Clary Sage oil is really effective at balancing hormones and there are plenty of studies that show that women have reduced PMS symptoms (awesome), and that this helps with not great things like muscle tension, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. And also helps control sebum production. Um, what? All that?? The part that stood out to me, of course, was the sebum control. And so I probed on that and apparently, there are plenty of studies that show clary sage oil helps with acne and helps control oil production. An organic solution for sebum control. Love it.

I came home with a bunch of really neat things to try, including the Clary Sage product that helps “women maintain balance” which is supposed to help with PMS and skin issues stemming from internal imbalances. Full low-down to come on this.

Super intrigued though and happy to have finally found out a bit more about Clary Sage from someone who’s spent a near decade of his life studying organic/natural apothecary!



Posted on July 06, 2015
by Alicia Yoon