Japan beauty secret #1: Rice bran radiance

We loved our beauty trip to Japan. Not only did we meet with some FABULOUS brands (we can’t wait to debut the ones we cherry-picked out of dozens upon dozens of truly wonderful brands), we learned a thing or two about beauty tips passed on through thousands of years of women seeking a perfect complexion.

We’ll share pictures and all that we learned in bite-size pieces.

To begin with, wanted to share about how incredible rice bran is for the skin.

Rice bran wash (komenuka) is heralded as the Japanese women’s “common sense” beauty ingredient for centuries. Rice bran is rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin E that includes tocopherols and tocotrienols. It gently exfoliates while hydrating and promotes cellular turnover. Additionally, it naturally clears dark spots.

We tried a few different nuka (rice bran) products and LOVED how our skin felt after this timeless ingredient went to work on our face. Post to come on specific rice bran products and a ranking of which we loved most.

We are going to HAVE to add a few rice bran products to our lineup for you…we know you’ll love this incredible beauty ingredient passed on through generations as much as we love it!

On that note, off to bed so that I could fully enjoy my last week in Korea after many months here of beauty-hunting. Soaking in all that I can before heading back to NY!


ps- wanted to clarify per a question on this blog…the rice bran tips I’m referencing in this entry is about using it to wash the face (versus eating it).

Posted on July 06, 2015
by Peach & Lily