Seoul Beauty Hunt: A Stroll Through Samcheong-dong

Peach and Lily has been in Korea for a few days now, searching for the next line of great products to share with our wonderful followers in the US. To sum up our trip so far: running to meetings with different brands, curating our favorite picks, and loving what we’re finding. Stay tuned for the newest and latest in Korean beauty!

Yesterday, we walked through a long, uphill street in Samcheong-dong, which is in our opinion, one of the best places to experience Korean culture. This quaint area is lined with small souvenir shops, beauty stores, restaurants, cafes, and the best independent art galleries. Each alleyway also has its own hidden gems: old tea ceremony shops inside reconstructed han-oks (traditional Korean homes) and family-run lunch spots serving the simplest of bap-sangs (literally, rice table – used to explain a table with a meal set up on it). 

On the main street, a relatively new brand’s brick and mortar shop caught our eyes. Inside, we found shelves of 100% botanical products beautifully cased in ceramic packaging. Many beauty shops in Samcheong-dong like this one have extended shops that include another floor or products, and even a café. If you’re in the area, the LYA Nature (featuring 100% botanical products mentioned above), Innisfree and Belif shops are definitely worth checking out.

And as mentioned earlier in the week, Peach and Lily will be presenting surprise giveaways throughout our beauty hunt in Seoul! Today’s giveaway is a little something we picked up at LYA Nature: a travel-sized package of 6 “snow powder bags” that contain 100% camellia salt crystals. To use, just add some water to one of the baggies and massage it over your face to cleanse, and rinse with lukewarm water. It will leave your skin feeling supple and baby-soft.


How to win it? Check out our Instagram (@peachandlily) for this product picture today, and leave a comment telling us what your favorite plant-derived skincare ingredient is! 

Posted on July 10, 2015
by Alicia Yoon