Let’s Go Seoul Beauty Tripping

Peach and Lily is headed back to the Motherland with HUGE aspirations for the year. We’re kicking off spring (which is arguably the best season to be in the tiny but temperately temperamental peninsula re: Monsoon Summers) on a work trip to the very center of beauty innovation; we’re essentially embarking on an El Dorado-caliber treasure hunt for the very best beauty in. the. world.

Luckily, work trips barely feel like work when you love your job. It helps that our job is to curate beauty which means our itinerary does vaguely look like a vacation. Between shopping, spas, facials, and meetings around delicious meals, no one’s complaining.


Photo credit: Flickr Shajjad Hossain Shajib

We’re especially excited to be hosting our guest and friend, Emily Weiss, founder of powerhouse beauty institution Into the Gloss and Glossier. Our team is covering the best Seoul has to offer, introducing Emily to the goodies beyond skincare–and oh will we cover skincare.


Emily Weiss, Founder and CEO, Into the Gloss and Glossier

Now we want you, our loyal customers and supporters, to tell us what you want to see! Leave us itinerary tips and suggestions for the next big thing to be featured here at Peach and Lily. What are some serious must-haves for the budding beauty maven? What should every woman and/or man on this side of the Greenwich Meridian have sitting atop a pedestal on their vanity? Let us know; we’re listening.

For every comment and suggestion left on our blog, you’ll be entered to win a fabulous giveaway from our trip.

Join us on our adventures and follow @peachandlily, @aliciayoon212, @emilywweiss, or use hashtag #SeoulBeautyTripping to keep tabs on our journey. Let’s go #SeoulBeautyTripping! 

Posted on July 05, 2015
by Peach & Lily