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Top Tips for Spring Skincare from Korea’s leading spa, Shangpree

During our March #SeoulBeautyTripping visit to Seoul, we met with Shangpree’s Director of Product Development and R&D Dr. Wol Hee and asked her what she recommended for spring skincare. Here are the four tips she gave us:

“Spring is an important transitional time for skincare. As the seasons are changing, the sun is actually weakest during March/April. This means your skin is undergoing transitions and is actually at its most sensitive during the spring season, as the outermost skin layer and layer of dead skin cells is at its thinnest. Some of my recommendations for spring skincare tips are:

Tip #1: Don’t Use Strong Products like AHAs for Spring
I don’t recommend that people use products with harsh ingredients like AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and glycolic acid, as these ingredients are very strong and because the skin is very sensitive, it can be too harsh for the skin.

Tip #2: Focus on Hydration and Moisturization
I think everyone should focus on incorporating extra moisturizing products and steps into their skincare regimen during spring. Use sheet masks as a way to get that extra hydration boost into your routine. I personally love the Shangpree Red Ginseng Hue Mask for its great antioxidants and the way it nourishes the skin. Leave it on for ten minutes max to let the serums and essences work their way into your skin (longer than ten minutes could be irritating to the skin - more is not always more sometimes!) and then follow with the rest of your regimen.

Tip #3: Don’t Let 30 Seconds Pass
Make sure you apply a moisturizing product within 30 seconds of washing your face. Use products with a lot of minerals, phyto-chemicals, and herbal formulations, as these are gentle on the skin and nourishing rather than stripping. Again, skin is very sensitive during spring so it’s key to focus on being super kind to your skin rather than harsh to make sure your skin gets through this transitional season.

Tip #4: Layer Products
I definitely recommend layering skincare products. Make sure that after you wash your face you apply your toner, essence, serum, emulsion, cream, and even a double cream to seal it all in. Many repairing moisturizers are hydrating but the moisture often flies away soon after application. But a long-lasting cream like something with shea butter will really seal in the moisture and let it stay within in your skin.”


About Dr. Wol Hee
Dr. Wol Hee worked at Shangpree Spa for 23 years and started her career as part of their “staff” working on various “back of the spa” functions. She then graduated to working on body treatments – massages, reflexology, and the like, and then after excelling in this area quickly moved onto facial treatments. Her dedication and devotion to her craft was not unnoticed – she was promoted to head of her department and then to head of spa. Dr. Wol Hee earned her Ph.D. and is widely recognized as one of the top experts in the field of skincare today. She currently oversees and leads all aspects of product development and R&D of the Shangpree Spa Care System line. Having started at the bottom and worked her way up the Shangpree ladder, she loves to inspire others at Shangpree to have vision and a goal for their careers and life. 

About Shangpree

Shangpree Spa is one of Korea’s most renowned spas known for some of the finest facilities and superior quality services. Their endless commitment to customers and the science of skin makes them the top skin expert in Korea. With their deep know-how and expertise in beauty & health they created their “at-home spa” concept Shangpree Cosmetics to make Shangpree Spa’s premium quality and skincare experience more accessible every day. Their product lines are exported throughout the world and loved globally. 

Some of our favorite Peach and Lily products recommendations for spring:

Cleansers –


Shangpree S-Energy Cleansing Gel


aromatica Sea Daffodil Cleansing Mousse


Cremorlab TEN Cremor Cleansing Gel Oil

Moisturizers - 


be the skin Botanical Nutrition Cream


May Coop Raw Moisturizer


Shangpree Red Ginseng Hue Mask



Mizon Ultra Wonder Power Jelly Sun SPF


Iope Air Cushion Sunblock XP

Posted on July 31, 2015
by Alicia Yoon
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