The #BareItAll Campaign

We just launched a campaign called #bareitall—we're really excited about it, and we hope you will be too!

Koreans pride themselves on their dedication to healthy, radiant skin—and it shows! Genes can help, but genes alone won't get you to a place where your skin is so healthy that at sixty-two, you look thirty-five. I go to Korea often, and it still blows my mind to see the results of people who have treated their skin well for decades.

Treating skin well requires knowledge: understanding skincare ingredients, how skin works and knowing your skin intimately. 

Whenever I get asked how people in Korea keep their skin so radiant and healthy, I point out that it's not just a single product or even an entire routine — it's knowing what to use and how to use it.

Peach & Lily isn't just your portal to the best Korean and Japanese beauty products—we want to help guide you as you come to understand your skin by providing information and advice you can trust and help you find the products that your skin will love. There are great products that aren’t great fits. So we are committed to helping you find those products that will be your perfect skin-fits. Our passion is not just for the products coming out of Korea, but the culture of knowledge and interest in skin health that we're inspired to bring stateside. 

Healthy radiant skin is the best accessory. Skincare isn't a vanity thing, it's a self-care thing. Get to know your skin, then bare it all.

To kick-start this effort to help you get to know your skin better, we've planned an amazing series of deals for our customers! For the remainder of May, we are making it easier than ever to try some of our most beloved skincare products (and find out why K-beauty really is so good)—at prices we've never offered before!—so that you can try them out and see if they're a great fit for you. We'll have tons of information on these products, too, so that even your steals are informed purchases.

And that’s just the start—many more exciting things geared towards helping you get to know your skin and what works for it are coming your way soon—so make sure to check back often on our Instagram and blog! 

We can’t wait to help you discover your healthiest, most radiant skin yet. And, we can’t wait to see you BARE IT ALL.

For a chance to win one of the exclusive #BareItAll tanks, and leave a comment telling us your skincare/self-care mantra! We will pick 10 winners. We are also picking 1 winner to receive a $100 Peach & Lily gift card! All winners will be announced at 11:59 pm EST! Open to all countries we ship to!

xo, Alicia


Posted on May 25, 2016
by Alicia Yoon