Beauty Technology You Should Know About

Imagine a world where your skin is analyzed, throughout the day, with no effort on your part—while you're showering each day, the analyzer even snaps images of your moles on your body to stay ahead of any suspicious skin situations. You then get out of the shower, apply skincare that's completely customized to your skin's needs that day. Then you print your makeup based on a look you found online and apply your foundation with a air pump for a totally flawless finish in seconds, flat. Finally, your nails are immaculately done by a machine.

Sound futuristic? While such an experience isn't quite the reality today, we're getting close.

At the rate technology advances, we know that, in just a few years, beauty rituals will soon include a lot more devices for faster, easier and higher performing skincare and makeup application.

In the meantime, here are some of the innovations we're loving today:

The Nailbot

Perfect nail art straight from your phone—that's something we can get behind. Sign-up now to get on the waitlist.

The WAY Daily Skin Analyzer

Analyzing your skin's moisture and oil levels allows you to take the appropriate actions to make sure your skin is optimally balanced. This device uses a BIA sensor to obtain a reading from below the surface of the skin to measure your skin situation more accurately. It also measures the humidity and UV levels in the environment so that you know when you're more exposed to harmful rays and when you're in a particularly dry environment, even if you may not notice. Finally, it combines all this data—on a daily basis—to provide skin tips via an app on your phone. Think of it as a daily skin coach wrapped up into one sleek device that fits in your makeup bag—and yes (unsurprisingly) this one hails from Korea.

Adorn’s Perfect Foundation

Always settling for almost-just-right foundations? We've all been there. Foundation-nirvana (at least, color-match-wise) is apparently here with this incredible innovation. Pre-order now to be one of the first to wear a perfectly-matched foundation.

The Mink Digital Makeup Printing Pen

This one’s a bit more DIY than the above, but check out the Mink digital makeup printer, in first beta product form. It looks like there are bases that you can choose from, color vials that mix to create many more colors, and some mixing mediums. You can choose a color from an image you like via your phone, combine all the different elements and pretty much print some basic makeup. We're curious to see what the next iteration of this technology will be—it only gets better from here.

Are there other beauty innovations that you're loving? We'd love to hear in the comments below!

- Peach & Lily

Posted on April 22, 2016
by Peach & Lily