Pore-Fit™ Kit

Peach & Lily Collection
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Get Pore-Fit™. Visibly exfoliated, unclogged, clarified, and tightened pores.

Take your pores to the "gym" and give them the ultimate "fitness routine" with these formulas that do it all for your pores. Our poor pores don't have it easy. They conduct sweat and sebum out of our skin and house our hair follicles, and with certain triggers and skin conditions, they can become easily clogged or infected. Over time, they can also change shape and enlarge.

The Pore-Fit™ Kit helps you take control of your pores to keep them "fit" with clinically proven ingredients and a mix of weekly and daily "workouts" for pores.

- 100 ML The Good Acids Pore Toner
- 80 ML Pore Proof Perfecting Clay Mask
- 20 ML Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask
- 15 ML Glass Skin Refining Serum

Weekly Pore-Fit™ Routine
Step one: Super Reboot your pores with 10% glycolic acid to effectively slough off the dead skin cells covering the opening of pores. 0.5% salicylic acid then pushes past the sebum in your pores to exfoliate the deeper lining of your pores. Consider this your deep-dive resurfacing of pores. Use twice weekly.

Step two: After Super Rebooting, follow up with the Pore Proof Mask. A potent blend of kaolin clay and bentonite act as a “vacuum” for pores. Stubborn and deep-rooted impurities are easily drawn out to keep pores sparkly clear, while hydrators keep skin supple. Use twice weekly after Super Reboot.

Daily Pore-Fit™ Routine
Step one: After cleansing, apply the Good Acids Pore Toner. Excess sebum production and retention hyperkeratosis (a slowdown in natural exfoliation of dead skin cells) contribute to pores getting clogged and looking larger. A gentle daily dose of less than 1% AHA and BHA allow for effective polishing of pores to keep them clarified and refined for visibly smooth texture. Use daily, AM and PM.

Step two: After the Good Acids Pore Toner, apply Glass Skin Serum. As we get older or as our skin accumulates photodamage, our skin loses its elasticity and our pores can go from a smaller circular shape to a more enlarged tear-drop shape. Tighten the appearance of pores with ingredients that help boost collagen production. Use daily, AM and PM.

Enhance your Glass Skin Goals, your healthiest skin yet, with “fit” pores that are visibly clear, smooth and tight.

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