Glass Skin Refining Serum Jumbo Size


Glass Skin Refining Serum Jumbo Size

Our iconic formula super-sized for longer-lasting #GlassSkinGoals
An icon. Sparked an entire Glass Skin movement. Sold out over 12 times. Thousands of five star reviews. Award-winning. One sold every three minutes. Beloved by celebrities and the skincare obsessed. After countless requests for a super-sized bottle, the Jumbo Glass Skin Refining Serum is here.

Glassy, smooth, luminous, translucent-looking skin is achieved when skin is well hydrated and without inflammation and free radical damage. A revolutionary cocktail of peach extract, niacinamide, East Asian mountain yam, madecassoside, peptides, and hyaluronic acid help to hydrate, calm, brighten and firm skin. Crystal-clear glass skin is yours.

The results speak for themselves:
  • 100% said the serum is suitable for sensitive skin
  • 96% saw smoother and softer skin
  • 96% saw increased hydration and improved dry patches
  • 92% saw brighter, more luminous, and healthier skin with a radiant glow
  • *Results from third party consumer study

    Skin Types

    • Dry Skin
    • Normal Skin
    • Oily Skin
    • Combination Skin

    70 ml

    or 4 installments of $14.75 USD
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      Skin Concerns
      • Acne
      • Anti-aging
      • Dryness
      • Dullness
      • Fine Lines/Wrinkles
      • Firmness
      • Oiliness
      • Pores
      • Redness
      • Sensitivity
      • Uneven Skin Texture
      How to Use
      Apply face serum for glowing skin after cleansing, toning, and before moisturizer.
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      You asked, we delivered. After years of being asked, we finally created our iconic Glass Skin Refining Serum in a super-sized format.

      Our in-house estheticians have received so many questions on how to achieve that elusive Glass Skin. You might have heard our founder, Alicia, discuss Glass Skin with the media over the last couple years, or you might have seen this skin goal on our Instagram, or you might have seen the Glass Skin-getting products on our site over the last year. The questions kept coming in, "yes, but how exactly can you get that glassy skin?" The kind of skin that is so luminous, with pores so smooth, and a clarity of skin so crystal-like that it looks like a beaming slab of pristine glass.

      This kind of glass skin is best achieved when skin is calm, without inflammation, hydrated, plumped up and well-nourished. Those are lofty skin goals, and fundamentally, speak to basic elements of balanced, happy, and healthy skin. We also heard you: it shouldn't be so hard to get that glassy skin. So, we set on the challenge to come up with one product that would truly help achieve glass skin. Just one formula. That proved to be no easy feat. We tested over two hundred formulas, including conducting face tests on over forty cosmetic chemists in our partner lab (which doesn't happen for every formula that's developed in these labs, but the chemists knew that we needed a face serum for glowing skin that sees results -- undeniable results -- so they took us up on the challenge), and tested and tested to see if it would be possible to truly create a product worthy of its name: Jumbo Glass Skin Refining Serum.

      We invite you to try the Jumbo Glass Skin Serum and jump into a whole new world of skincare where results come first, the ingredients are clean and fresh, and the experience is delightful. No tradeoffs, here.