Copper Peptide Pro Firming Serum


Copper Peptide Pro Firming Serum

Get your bounce back.
This weightless, scentless, silky serum contains a potent blue dose of 0.2% Copper Peptide, 12 additional peptides, and 4 amino acids to visibly smooth fine lines, crow’s feet, and deeply etched wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid, squalane, and antioxidant-rich Korean herbal roots combine to support the Extracellular Matrix and maximize peptide power, for skin that looks and feels bouncy and firm.

Enter the Matrix:
  • The Extracellular Matrix is the home of collagen and elastin producing fibroblasts
  • Hydration and protection from free-radical damage support optimal Matrix function.1
  • Fibroblasts in a healthy Matrix can more efficiently produce collagen and elastin.2

The results speak for themselves:
  • 96% noticed a visible improvement in skin firmness
  • 91% saw fine lines visibly smoothed
  • 91% saw a visible improvement in skin’s bounce
  • 91% noticed smoother forehead lines
  • 96% noticed a visible improvement in skin texture
  • 96% felt skin was smoother
  • 91% noticed skin appeared more youthful

*Results from third party consumer study

Skin Types

  • Dry Skin
  • Normal Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Combination Skin


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    Skin Concerns
    • Dehydration
    • Dullness
    • Elasticity
    • Fine Lines/Wrinkles
    • Firmness
    • Premature Aging
    How to Use
    Apply to skin after cleansing and toning. Apply before or after Glass Skin Refining Serum for enhanced results. Follow with a moisturizer like Peptide Pro Firming Moisturizer.
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    It was long thought that fibroblasts, which produce collagen and elastin, became sluggish as we aged—but this is only partially true. Let's enter The Matrix—where the magic happens. Fibroblasts reside within a network of proteins and molecules called the Extracellular matrix (or The Matrix as we like to call it) where they bind to healthy and intact collagen to create more collagen. As we get older, or as free radicals wreak havoc, The Matrix starts to change. Collagen fibrils become tattered and fragmented, and destructive enzymes are produced. Fibroblasts have less healthy collagen to bind to, and in turn, they're not able to make as much collagen and elastin – which is when we can start to see more wrinkling and sagging. But research shows that when The Matrix is restored, fibroblasts at any age—damaged or not—can produce as much collagen and elastin as before (1).

    So, what does The Matrix need to perform at its peak? A key element is hydration, which is essential to The Matrix structure (2). Specifically, hyaluronic acid is a key element The Matrix requires for proper functioning (3). Antioxidants are also incredibly important. Oxidative damage impairs The Matrix and antioxidants help neutralize this damage (4).

    Our Copper Peptide Pro Firming Serum delivers an advanced, science-backed formula with potent copper peptide and 12 additional peptides to support healthy fibroblasts. Plus we included hyaluronic acid, squalane, and a rich blend of antioxidants and Korean herbs to support The Matrix. The result is a breakthrough formula that works holistically to target the root causes of wrinkles, for results you can see.

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