Ampoule 27

Consider this your skin retreat
Shangpree offers a five-week intensive ampoule program to help build collagen and elastin with the help of adenosine and seven different peptide complexes. Use one bottle a week for five straight weeks for maximum impact - you will be amazed at your results. The formula also includes Volufiline to help give skin an instantly plumped up feeling, and hydrates with hyaluronic acid and soothes with allantoin. When your skin needs an extra bit of tightening, this uniquely formulated ampoule program will provide a concentrated solution to help skin look and feel firmed up.
8ml (5 bottles)

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    When skin loses bounce and elasticity, telltale signs include fine lines, wrinkles and sagging jowls and cheeks. Collagen and elastin are what keep our skin firm and smooth. Boosting collagen production is key in helping to regain more firmness. We love that the Ampoule 27 is jam-packed with ingredients like adenosine and seven different kinds of peptides to help signal fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin. The formula is thoughtfully combined with soothing allantoin, and hydrating hyaluronic acid to provide a calm, moisturized environment for skin to help rebuild collagen and elastin. Finally, the formula is uniquely combined with Volufiline, an ingredient complex that helps skin feel instantly plumped up.

    Can be used with other serums, including serums that are formulated with actives.

    Texture: milky and silky, highly absorbent.

    Size: Each box contains 5 dropper bottles of 8ml each, for a total of 40ml.
    Skin Concerns
    • Firmness
    Skin Types
    • Dry Skin
    • Normal Skin
    • Oily Skin
    How to Use
    After cleansing and toning, apply at the serum step. Can be used with other serums. Follow up with moisturizer, and SPF in the mornings. Each box comes with 5 dropper bottles. Each of the dropper bottles is recommended for one week use.
    When to Use


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    Consider this your skin retreat. For a light turnaround feel, use one dropper bottle for a week at a time. For an intensive turnaround feel, use all five bottles consecutively for five weeks. Choose what's right for your skin -- you can't go wrong either way!