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7 Days Mask Set


Take advantage of this unique set of 7 different sheet masks, each designed to tackle different skin woes from dryness to dullness. Use this as a tester pack to pick your favorites or set yourself up for a skin-happy vacation or simply to nourish your skin without missing a beat. All the masks are made of cellulose material which retains moisture so your mask won't dry out. The material conforms and adheres to skin for optimal absorption of the serum. Formulated without mineral oil, artificial coloring or additives. A perfect combo pack of sheet masks to target the whole spectrum of potential skin troubles. Great for sharing or for all skin occasions.

Green Tea Mask
Pomegranate Mask
Bamboo Water Mask
Tea Tree Mask
Aloe Mask
Avocado Mask
Lemon Mask

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This deluxe set of 7 different sheet masks gives you a sampling of treatments for any of your skin concerns on any given day!


After cleansing and toning, apply the sheet mask by aligning the nose, mouth and eye holes. Smooth the sheet to fit the curves of the face. Apply for 15-25 minutes. Remove and discard the mask, patting in any remaining liquid gently into your skin. Optional: follow up with a moisturizer to seal all the great ingredients from your sheet mask into your skin. Use as often as desired.


Refer to individual sheet mask product pages for detailed ingredient lists.
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