Peach & Lily Story

Alicia Yoon - Founder of Peach and Lily

My love of skincare comes from a personal place. I struggled with eczema growing up, and by high school, had resigned myself to the idea that I’d always be stuck with itchy, rashy, dry skin.

One night in Seoul when I was 18, a woman approached me in the street on the way to a party. When she found out I had done my own makeup, she told me I should go to beauty school. I figured, “why not?” And that’s when everything changed. I took classes after school during my senior year, and really gravitated towards the skincare lessons. Through a mix of know-how and dedication, I finally learned to manage my problematic skin and achieve the radiant glow I thought was just a pipe dream.

After college, I went into finance and consulting, eventually attending Harvard Business School. The whole time, I continued pursuing skincare as a hobby, giving friends and family facials and beauty tips, and sharing Korean products I discovered with friends in the States. Helping people improve their skin felt incredibly rewarding.

While consulting for a beauty client, I noticed that a lot of Western beauty manufacturers sourced formulations from Korea because they claimed they were the most advanced in the world. I saw an opportunity to bring Korean beauty innovations and philosophies to the U.S. in real time, while combining my business experience with my love of skincare.

One of the key lessons I learned at Harvard was that a career built on passion has fuel that seldom runs low. So in 2012, I left my job and launched Peach and Lily—a brand built from a passion that had been brewing since that serendipitous encounter on the streets of Seoul more than 15 years ago. My goal is to empower you to transform your skin by gathering the best information, advice and innovations that Asia has to offer, and putting it right at your fingertips (and on your doorstep). But I never forget that it’s not just about delivering great products—it’s about delivering a whole new level of confidence in your skin.


- Alicia