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Sensitive Skin Routine

Hi! I'm the founder of Peach & Lily, and I have very sensitive skin (and eczema!) like so many of you. I've found a way to transform how my skin looks and feels by using gentle ingredients combined with the right clinically proven ingredients. Here is my go-to routine for when my skin is feeling reactive or sensitive. 

What I love is that these products help you achieve your skin goals -- whether that's fighting how those dark spots, lines, or breakouts look -- while keeping your skin calm and smooth-sailing. 

The products are organized in order of routine for your convenience. The daily routine, morning and evening: Oil cleanser, water cleanser, toner, essence, treatments, eye treatment, day and night moisturizer, and SPF in the mornings. Then the extras that I use weekly: exfoliator, sheet masks. And then the extras that I use throughout the day: mist and balm.

I hope this routine helps you achieve your most radiant and calm skin yet!

xo- Alicia Yoon