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Kowon, one of Korea's most iconic makeup artists, went to work with a team of 12 expert scientists and doctors to concoct a skincare line with guaranteed results for her celebrity clients. Lagom skincare products use DermaFlux as its hero ingredient, a Nobel-Prize-winning science that hydrates skin in a way no other ingredient can. See the different Lagom Korean cleansers & moisturizers we offer!

What sets this brand apart?

Lagom skincare products are the result of work from a team of scientists and doctors who came together with the goal of making skincare products with guaranteed results that could stand up to the demands and wishes of celebrity clientele. This team included one of Korea’s most iconic makeup artists, Kwon. You won’t find a brand with higher standards or more skincare expertise than Lagom!

Why shop this brand?

The expert team of scientists and doctors behind Lagom isn’t the only reason why you should give this a try. All Lagom skincare products use a superhero ingredient called DermaFlux that hydrates skin like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It’s so effective that the science behind it even won a Nobel Prize! What other skincare brands can say that?

Finding the right products

You can find all the best Lagom Korean cleansers and moisturizers, along with all the brand’s other amazing products, right here at Peach & Lily.