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Aromatica Skincare Products

Aromatica is a Korean skincare brand widely recognized for creating toxin-free skincare products. The brand sources natural ingredients from all over the world to create effective products. At Peach & Lily, you will find quality Aromatica products that will help tackle skin disorders and make your skin look brighter and smoother.

Aromatica Brand Collection

Aromatica is the first skincare products brand to get an EWG’S Skindeep Champion Status for formulating non-toxic products. The brand has a wide selection of vegan skincare products to address different skin issues. Whether you need a formulation that will renew, brighten, cleanse or hydrate the skin, you will be sure to find an Aromatica product for your skin type.

Some of the Aromatica products you will find at Peach & Lily include:

What’s better is that all these products are vegan since Aromatica avoids animal-derived ingredients to deliver authentic and safe skincare products.

Why Korean Skincare Products?

Modern skincare and beauty consumers in the United States have become more informed and research the best skincare products. The best thing about most Korean skincare products is that they are made of natural ingredients to solve different skin problems and enhance the appearance of the skin.

At Peach & Lily, we believe in the benefits of Korean beauty products. We stock Aromatica, Atopalm, and other skincare brands to ensure you maintain that youthful, glowing skin.

Our Quality

We are particular about the products we select, so you can rest assured that the products we offer deliver the desired results. Browse the different Aromatica skincare products we offer!