Dry and irritated to radiant skin in just two weeks - my Atopalm experience

I've struggled my whole life with eczema – and I still struggle with it. 
Baking powder baths, cutting out sugar completely from my diet, meditating to manage stress, using topical steroids, trying various nutritional supplements to combat the flare-ups...you name it, I've tried it.   
It's frustrating and I know I'm not alone. We get so many questions for product recommendations from people struggling with eczema, rosacea, extremely sensitive skin, persistent redness, itchy dry skin, and inflamed skin. I feel you all! 
So, the hunt began to find the right brand to deal with serious skin conditions!
While skincare can be fun and exciting to explore – especially in the K-beauty world – if you have skin conditions that cause redness, dryness, rashes, inflammation, and itchiness, skincare can be daunting. New products can mean bad reactions. And it becomes really difficult trying to isolate what ingredient is not working well for your skin.


It took more time than usual to finally curate Atopalm to our Peach & Lily family because this product needed to deliver results for those with serious skin conditions. The focus-group testing period took longer than our normal three weeks, and we wanted to make sure that the science really checked out.
I took the time to talk to real people who struggle with the same issues in Korea, and also spoke to doctors about their recommendations for those with skin conditions like rosacea and eczema.
I learned that Atopalm has been consistently ranked as the #1 brand for those with sensitive skin by the Korean Brand Power Index for TEN consecutive years. I also learned that doctors recommend this brand for those struggling with skin issues like mine, and this brand is retailed by dermatologists. 
The personal testing and my amazing results
The resounding reviews and our own internal focus-group testing showed amazing results. Since I have eczema, I wanted to personally see if this would really work.


So I put this to the test. Here's what happened.
My flare-ups have been particularly bad this past year. I've had a really persistent patch of scaly, itchy, sometimes even weeping skin (sorry to be graphic) on my neck, back and left arm where it folds. I didn't want to resort to topical steroids, so I was managing my flare-ups through different moisturizing creams and a lot of lifestyle management (meditating, eating healthier, sleeping more, etc.). I had small victories along the way, but a couple months ago, my flare-up came back with a vengeance. I blame the stress from trying to plan a wedding and hosting thirty family members flying into New York City from Korea all the while running Peach & Lily. 
I was pretty hesitant to try Atopalm on my neck because the wrong cream can burn and intensify the flare-up. I went for it, anyway. I reached for the Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream since this is the most moisturizing of their line. I was pleasantly surprised. No burning. Then, I was in wonderment. My super itchy skin felt really soothed, which usually only happens with a topical steroid for me. I continued to use the cream twice daily for another two weeks. My rash subsided and I was left with non-weeping, healed skin. There was some discoloration from the scarring that usually fades in a few weeks for me, so with just a month or so left to the wedding, I stuck with Atopalm. It's now three days before the wedding and I'm thrilled because I have no scarring on my neck, mostly healed skin on my arm and just a small discolored scar on my back. Not perfect, but I'm really happy with how much better my skin looks compared to what it was like two months ago. 



Here's my Atopalm line-up among some of my favorite things by my bedside: Korean embroidered hand mirror from my mom, and my elephant figurines (a little obsessed with elehpants). Not pictured is the Atopalm Moisturizing Skin Revitalizing Complex because I used it all and threw out the empty – it's awesome! Lightweight and leaves skin soothed and plumped up. And the Daytime Under Makeup Moisture Cream is a seriously good primer whether you have eczema or super healthy skin. 

Here's how it works
Dr. Raymond Park wanted to develop a solution for his infant son who was suffering from red, cracked, inflamed skin from atopic dermatitis. (I know, he gets Dad of the Century award for this!) As a renowned novels materials researcher, he poured out all his heart into finding a real solution for this skin condition. He created and patented MLE (Multi-Lamellar Emulsion), which mimics a healthy skin barrier. The lipids in MLE will fit seamlessly into a ragged skin barrier (read: irritated, inflamed, red, sensitized, scaly, itchy, rashy) simultaneously moisturizing your skin and protecting it, giving your skin the chance to heal itself. This unique ingredient is unlike anything I've tried before and while it won't get rid of your skin condition, this ingredient is a God-send to help alleviate symptoms and totally improve how your skin looks and feels.


Any questions?
I rarely write personal blog posts about the products we carry on Peach & Lily, even though I do personally test everything. For Atopalm, though, because of my own struggles with chronic eczema, I wanted to share my experience. I feel passionately about the brand because it has helped me so much and my heart goes out to all of you who are frustrated with your skin (or your children's skin – Atopalm is safe for babies, too!) from various skin conditions that leave your skin irritated, scaly, rashy, red, itchy, dry and sensitive.
If you have any questions about the brand, the specific Atopalm products, about what I do for my eczema, leave me a note below. I'd love to answer any questions or just chat about your experience. We're here for you at Peach & Lily!
I really hope and believe that you'll see great results with Atopalm. And take heart, you're not alone! Even with persistent adverse skin conditions, with the right skincare regimen and lifestyle, you can dramatically improve your skin. :)
Cheers to radiance and a big XO!
Posted on October 13, 2016
by Alicia Yoon