Peach Party Tour: Alicia's Diary

My dream came true  I got to meet you in person!

Dear Peaches,

Seven years ago, I started Peach & Lily as an e-commerce business. Being a digitally-native brand has its perks, but the one thing I always wanted was to be able to meet you in person — to see your faces, talk to you face-to-face about skincare (and whatever else!), share laughs and stories, and connect personally. 

That’s why, as we created our Peach & Lily Collection, quietly working on these skincare products for years, I knew I wanted our collection to help us make personal connections with you. One of the keys to that was making it easily accessible to you, which is why we worked with Ulta to get our collection into 250 of their stores.

And now I'm so thrilled and humbled to say THANK YOU!!! You’ve shown so much incredible love for our products since we launched in Ulta in August that our brand has been selected to be launched in almost all Ulta Beauty stores across the US  we're now in over 1,100+ Ulta stores! I'm beyond thrilled that our products will be all the more easily accessible to you, and I feel so incredibly honored that we can care for your skin. Thank you.

One of the greatest joys about our Ulta Beauty launch last year was embarking on our epic #PeachPartyTour — remember that?

I wanted to meet as many of you as I could in person, so we made Peach Party stops in cities all over the country. I visited a hundred Ulta Beauty stores because I wanted to hear from you personally face-to-face! One of my favorite folders in my camera is of the pictures I took while on this tour. Every time I look through those photos, I remember all the conversations we had, from family and careers to life stories and food to, obviously, skincare! I truly met amazing people, and some of you even came to visit us in NYC.

You even brought your little ones (and let me hold them!) and took different shifts at work to come hang out with us.

We loved seeing how our community comes from so many different age groups, ethnicities, and careers  including a skincare blogger and an NFL player shown in this picture on the left. It's been such a joy to form so many new connections and friendships.

The love you showed us, as well as the hugs, flowers, cards, cakes, and hand-made signs you shared, will forever be treasures of mine and our whole team at Peach & Lily. Hopping from city to city and sleeping in what seemed like a million different roadside hotels were physically draining, but Ed (my incredible husband who also makes the best road trip buddy, I've learned!) and I remained exuberant throughout the whole tour because, with each Peach Party stop, we were so energized with your love and support.

Some of you even recorded and made an entire video for us to keep as a memento of our trip, which warmed our hearts so much.

Seriously, our Peach community is made up of the most inspiring and warmest people. I love you Peaches so much and am so thankful for each and every one of you, and I hope to have many, many more events in the future where we can all come together again.

I want to include every last photo from the trip on our blog, but to not make this an endless scroll of images, we'll just share these handful of photos, but I’ll forever be carrying all of you with me, both in my heart and on my phone to keep these precious memories close.

The Peach Party Tour may be paused for now, but we don't want to stop connecting with you just because we're not currently on the road! Share photos of yourself with our products or of your shelfies with the tag #PeachAndMe, and we’ll find you on Instagram and connect with you there! To celebrate, at the end of April, we’ll pick someone using the hashtag #PeachandMe and bring you to the Ulta store nearest you carrying our products, and I’ll personally come to you for a personalized in-store mini facial. I'll also help you pick out the products perfect for your skin.

And, as always, here at Peach HQ, one of our favorite things is to hear from you, so be sure to keep DMing us, commenting on our photos, and tagging us. We’re always so happy to read what you have to say, and we'll write back.

Thank you for being a part of our journey — and more importantly, for allowing us to be a part of your skincare journey. We can’t wait to meet more of you.

Posted on March 25, 2019
by Peach & Lily