Peach & Lily Wild Dew Treatment Essence: what went into it

We love essences so much because they're all about getting skin drenched with hydration in a snap. We see that often times, an essence is that missing step in a routine that keeps skin from being just-sort-of-dewy to downright-stunningly-radiant. That's what skin drenched with moisture from deep within will do for you -- and that's what essences are formulated to do.

These days, essences also come super fancy with a whole host of side benefits like brightening, firming, fighting bacteria to name a few -- on top of creating hydrated radiant skin.

We heard you. You like a whole host of benefits on top of hydration, so we set out to create an essence that'll truly go to work for your skin in a multi-faceted way.

The most important part though is that the formula does really need to sink into skin. That way, it truly works for you from deep within without producing just surface-level results. Getting the delivery system right alone took almost a full year and the collective minds of forty brilliant chemists and our founder who has been laboring over this formula for years now, but the results speak for themselves. You'll notice that with our Wild Dew Treatment Essence, the formula almost instantly disappears as skin just drinks it up. 

Once the delivery system was created, we formulated the essence with the purest, lushest ingredients that will at once hydrate and treat skin in a luxurious, potent yet gentle way.

Here's what will go to work for your skin:

1. Hyaluronic acid - did you know this star molecule will bind about 1,000 times its weight in water to itself? We included our proprietary blend of short, medium and long chain molecules so that 1,000 times the hyaluronic acid molecules are being bound to every layer of skin

2. Niacinamide - this star ingredient does so much for our skin. It helps to quell inflammation which can help curb back breakouts, even, and helps to brighten the dark spots. Fear not, niacinamide doesn't "bleach" skin, instead it works to produce even skin tone by brightening the dark spots.

3. Lotus extract - the lotus flower is a wonder plant. It's packed with vitamins, fatty acids, proteins, flavonoids, minerals and tons of antioxidants. Lotus extract can help balance oily skin by helping to control sebum production, but is also beneficial for dry skin as it can help hydrate powerfully and help boost firmness. 

4. Saccharomyces ferment - the fermentation process can create a very nutrient dense ingredient that's also gentle. You get the best of both worlds here with this ferment, very powerful hydration and nourishment, but in the most soothing manner without irritating skin.

5. Panthenol - we love how this ingredient is so great at penetrating skin to truly deliver a moisturizing and soothing effect while revitalizing skin.

6. Adenosine - this ingredient is one that's on the shortlist for the KFDA to be able to certify a product as a true anti-wrinkle product as it's proven to powerfully help with wrinkles and fine lines. We added this to our formula as we saw how powerfully it added to the formula, so you can have an essence that also helps combat the wrinkles.

7. Radish leaf extract - packed with vitamins and minerals, did you know radish leaf extract can help bring about a glow to skin? You'll see the glow when you try our Wild Dew Treatment Essence.

We leaned on both age-old ingredients passed down through Korea's rich beauty history, wisdom handed down from generation to generation, as well as on popular modern ingredients, all combined with cutting-edge beauty R&D to bring you the best of beauty: tradition revved up with innovation and science.

This is our take on a Korean beauty staple, the essence, and like all our whole collection, it's toxin-free, cruelty-free, results-forward, and perfectly delightful.

We hope the Wild Dew Treatment Essence helps take your skin to new heights of hydration and radiance.

As always, cheers to radiance.


The Peach & Lily team

Posted on August 12, 2018
by Peach & Lily