Peach & Lily KBeauty Rescue Balm tutorial: deep repair to quick fixes

The Peach & Lily KBeauty Rescue Balm was inspired by real-life, everyday beauty crises that our Peach & Lily team, friends, family, and community routinely experience. We've all been there: feeling dry or patchy in spots, when you wish you had a quick fixer upper. Here's where the KBeauty Rescue Balm can save the day. 

Before we dive into the various ways to use the product and what specific real-life moments inspired this SOS balm, it's important to note that we formulated this product without any toxins, irritants or sensitizing agents. In a nutshell, it's 100% worry-free. 

We stayed away from mineral oil or petrolatum, and instead infused our salve with softening sunflower seed oil, along with incredibly soothing and reparative ingredients like coptis root extract, centella asiatica extract, turmeric, ceramides and panthenol, to name a few. Each of these specifically-chosen ingredients has a long history of performance and fascinating back stories. Centella asiatica plants, for example, grow wildly in parts of Asia, where tigers are known to roll around in them to help heal their wounds. Meanwhile, coptis root extract is a well-known and beloved ingredient in eastern medicinal clinics as it's a powerful antioxidant that is used for its anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties. We combined ingredients that have been tested and loved for thousands of years with modern day superstar ingredients to bring you a unique type of salve - the KBeauty Rescue Balm. This all star blend features age-old wisdom and cutting-edge science in a super reparative, hydrating and relief-providing formula.

We also went into total perfectionist-mode formulating this because we knew this would only really become that fix-all rescue balm if it felt just right. We knew it shouldn't be heavy, greasy, sticky or waxy and that it would need to sink right into skin, go to work fast, and leave everything-from head to toe- unquestionably healed after it's been applied. 

After many, many, many iterations of this formula, we're excited that this easy-to-carry leak-proof tube truly will come to your rescue -- and not just fix things, but will delight you with its texture and super subtle, natural trace of a scent that is uplifting and then wafts away to a clean airy scentless suppleness.

Here are our favorite ways to use the KBeauty Rescue Balm:


Chapped lips? Apply your balm before and after lipstick over it for a crack-free lacquered look. Or slather on a couple thicker layers before you go to sleep and wake up to visibly plumped up, soft lips.

Cracked heels? Rub some salve into your heels and watch the magic happen as cracks soften instantly. Apply each evening for a week and you'll see a deeper transformation. For a more intense treatment, apply a thicker layer and cover with plastic or foil. Voila! An instant at-home foot treatment.

Ashy spots? Elbows, knees, knuckles, legs, shoulders... apply anywhere that feels ashy or just needs a little extra love. Rescue-Balm-it.

Weak nails, messy cuticles? The formula melts right into the nail bed and helps repair.

Stuck? Is your ring is stuck on your finger? Your KBeauty Balm helps it glide right off (but also helps to keep any skin from becoming chafed or irritated). 

Chafing? Marathon runner? Superstar spinner? Carrying a large bag that chafes the shoulders? Wearing a sequined dress that chafes arms? Apply a few dabs of Rescue Balm to both help prevent and repair chafing.

Flyaway hairs and/or frizz? Squeeze a tiny amount of your SOS formula into hands, rub together, and then pat down flyaways with your fingertips. Works like a charm every time. 

Want to highlight? Apply your balm under or over makeup for a beautiful sheen of hydrating highlight. We love it on the cheekbones curving towards the temples.

Rash? Any severe rashes or deep cuts, of course, consult with your doctor, but for any superficial rash or irritation that could use some hydrating and soothing help, Rescue-Balm-it.

Irritated nose from blowing it too much? We've tried this and the Rescue Balm will come to your rescue and help your nose from turning to chafed from all the Kleenex-ing.

Rough patch or flaky spot? If there's a rough patch on your face- or anywhere else- try the Rescue Balm for a fast fix.

Blisters from shoes? If you notice your shoes are going to eventually cause blisters, try the rescue balm in that spot where the shoe keeps rubbing against it. It'll help relieve and protect. 

Brows going wild? Dab a tiny amount on and brush in place with a spoolie for a chic look. 

Cakey or flakey makeup? Is your expertly applied contour caking or flaking throughout the day? Dab a tiny amount of your KBeauty Rescue Balm and apply onto the trouble spots and watch it melt into skin, softening and hydrating as it goes. 

Let us know in the comments below how you like using the KBeauty Rescue Balm as this product was inspired by each of you and our everyday real lives.


The Peach & Lily team


Posted on August 12, 2018
by Alicia Yoon