Post-Workout Hydrating & Calming Skincare Routine
Sometimes, that post-workout “glow” doesn’t exactly live up to expectations. Instead of a healthy flush, we end up completely red in the face, complete with irritated skin and pores.
Deep-dive on Cremorlab, a Korean skincare line that includes cancer-healing ingredients: The Miracle of T.E.N. Water
The brand promise 
Beauty trends straight from the streets of Seoul: Part I and K-beauty bag giveaway revealed!
I can’t think of another city that churns out new beauty products as quickly as Seoul does. I’m back every 2-3 months to search for the newest and best beauty products this city has to offer, and each time I’m amazed.
Skincare hacks: How changing the basics can improve your skin
We’re turning over the mic to our very own Editorial Guru, Stella, who recently joined us to dig deep and write, share, and breathe all things Asian beauty.  As a former K-Pop-scouted-trainee and cosmetics model who has navigated through her share of beauty products, we’re excited to hear all that she has to say about her take on skincare and cosmetics.
Morning De-swelling Massage: How to reduce facial swelling with these easy massage tips!
Every morning after cleansing my face, I mix a good amount of Be The Skin toner and serum in the palm of my hand and rub massage points on my face and neckline where lymphatic fluids may be clogged, which can lead to facial swelling. The toner and serum help to massage the skin smoothly without having to rub and irritate dry skin. Here are some easy massage tips on how to reduce swelling. Try these in the morning at home, during the day at work, wherever and whenever!
Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream Review: Acne-free in 2 days
Only 5% of the brands we vet make our cut - after scouring reviews, 3 week+ long focus group tests, interviewing the brands, and personally testing everything, Mizon’s All In One Snail Repair Cream made our cut with flying colors.
Korean Skincare Tips: 3 Ways to Look More Youthful
The media has lately been abuzz about the Korean skincare regimen. We wanted to deconstruct that a bit and talk about the different ways to look more youthful. 
Do you want flawless skin? Exfoliating the right way could be your answer
Last month, when we were in Vegas for Cosmoprof, North America’s biggest beauty tradeshow, we interviewed dozens of women who are in the industry and take skincare seriously.