Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream Review: Acne-free in 2 days
Only 5% of the brands we vet make our cut - after scouring reviews, 3 week+ long focus group tests, interviewing the brands, and personally testing everything, Mizon’s All In One Snail Repair Cream made our cut with flying colors.
Korean Skincare Tips: 3 Ways to Look More Youthful
The media has lately been abuzz about the Korean skincare regimen. We wanted to deconstruct that a bit and talk about the different ways to look more youthful. 
Do you want flawless skin? Exfoliating the right way could be your answer
Last month, when we were in Vegas for Cosmoprof, North America’s biggest beauty tradeshow, we interviewed dozens of women who are in the industry and take skincare seriously.
New Skincare Ingredients Penetrating the K-Beauty Industry
It is now a well-known fact that Korean women are voracious beauty consumers as they are always in search of the “next big thing”, and in turn, industry experts are quick to satisfy their demands. During our beauty hunt today in Seoul, we came across some interesting finds.
Two of our products have been picked as summer favorites of the...
Two of our products have been picked as summer favorites of the lovely @michellephan! See why she’s “dying over” these products and why they’re included first in her lineup in her most recent, very informative and thoughtful YouTube video Hint: Cremorlab’s O2 foaming mask and perfection hydrating mask will cleanse, invigorate and transform skin! We couldn’t be more thrilled that Michelle, who tries so many products, is loving our picks. Thank you so much for the video post, Michelle ️️️#peachandlily #summerfavorites #cremorlab #beautyfaves #bestbeautyproducts #inspiration
Top 3 Summer Skincare Tips: Straight from Korea
Did you know that summer months typically make up about 80% of the skincare damage that one might experience throughout the year?
Peach and Lily Summer Sale
Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it’s high time to kick-off summer! We’ve curated some of our (and many others’) favorite Korean beauty products and marked them down at special prices until 5/31 @ midnight EST. 
The Korean Translation
We get a lot of questions that go something like this: