Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask: go behind-the-scenes
The skincare dilemma
Peach & Lily Namesake Skincare Collection: Real Reviews from Real People
After three years, three labs, and forty plus chemists, our formulas were finalized! And no only did we ship them off for third party consumer testing where the results and before and after's were phenomenal, we also asked our family and friends for their honest feedback. We also gathered feedback from third party testers (no relationship to Peach & Lily) for our Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask and the Original Glow Sheet Mask. We'll put an asterisk next to those reviews below. We wanted to share some of the fun photos and thoughts people left behind. Real thoughts from real people!
Introducing Your New BFF, The Miwaji Serum Veil
This isn't your ordinary serum -- this is the serum veil. We love all the innovation that comes out of Korea's top-notch beauty labs, but not because we love innovation for innovation's sake. We love innovation when it offers an entirely new potent solution to address skin concerns. This unique formula allows for skin-benefiting ingredients to sink deep into skin, while the serum veil forms a protective layer on the surface of skin locking everything in.
The Importance of Moisturizing During Travel
The Peach & Lily team is constantly in the go, whether it be to Korea, away for the holidays, cold weather regions or the sunny beaches...Being the beauty-minded group that we are, naturally, we’ve been starting to assemble our travel necessities. 
How Does Korean Sunscreen Compare
Unlike the American love affair with tanned, bronzy skin, most Koreans avoid the sun like it’s a crazy ex-boyfriend. With spotless translucent skin being the goal, avoiding sun damage is detrimental. Even in the dead of summer, full regalia of head to toe clothing, sun hats and large sunglasses are the norm over cutoffs and bikinis. There’s no doubt that sunscreens are a non-negotiable of the Korean beauty routine. Here, we delve into why Asian sunscreens have a one up on it’s American counterparts.
The Importance Of A Summer Moisturizer
As the weather heats up, the idea of putting on moisturizer might make you cringe but adding even a bit of lightweight hydration is critical to keeping your complexion balanced. “Skipping moisturizer will break down healthy skin barrier over time, which makes your skin more prone to inflammation, irritation, flaking, and sensitivity,” says Los Angeles dermatologist Annie Chiu.  
Summer Skin Care Tips- from the Peach & Lily Team
Did you know that summer months typically make up about 80% of the skincare damage that one might experience throughout the year?
Welcome: The Peach & Lily Original Glow Sheet Mask Set!
About a year and a half ago we launched our very first product ever - our Peach & Lily sheet masks! We created this sheet mask set after we created the "PL Mask Lab" where we asked you for feedback on what you wanted in your dream sheet mask. You all said, big results, no harsh ingredients, no masks that slide off the face, lots of amazing ingredients, no stickiness after application, and basically an instant glow as well as radiance the next day. It took us 18 months and over 500 formula submissions to perfect the formula to meet exactly what you wanted.