Introducing Your New BFF, The Miwaji Serum Veil

In walks the Miwaji Serum Veil.

This isn't your ordinary serum -- this is the serum veil. We love all the innovation that comes out of Korea's top-notch beauty labs, but not because we love innovation for innovation's sake. We love innovation when it offers an entirely new potent solution to address skin concerns. This unique formula allows for skin-benefiting ingredients to sink deep into skin, while the serum veil forms a protective layer on the surface of skin locking everything in.


The hero of this proprietary formula is a mixture of short and long chain hyaluronic acid molecules. Short chain molecules sink into skin binding moisture to the deeper layers of skin. While long chain molecules bind moisture to the skin's surface. With this formula, you are providing your skin with not one, but two types of moisture, where other serums or skin care products often only offer one. The result is intensive hydration, plumping of skin, and a glow that radiates from deep within. 



Hyaluronic acid, arbutin, and copper tripeptide sink deep into skin to drench, brighten and firm. Meanwhile, uniquely, the formula creates a protective lightweight water-grabbing veil on skin made of hyaluronic acid.


Pro Tip: Sleep with the serum veil on and come the next day, you'll look like you just woke up with new baby skin.



It's rare to come across a product that does three things really well. In the case of the Miwaji Hyalu Serum Veil, the innovative formula leaves skin super hydrated, brightened and firmed up in equal measure. Total game-changer in our books.


This serum has the stamp of approval in Korea among all the most skin-savvy beauty-hunters including Korea's top home-shopping host who's seen it all. Once we've tried it, we also instantly fell in love. And we think you will, too. Miwaji has this single hero product and we have all agreed, they perfected it.



To learn more about the science behind how this revolutionary product works, please check out this video. The Miwaji team talks application, composition of the product, and reveals their true ages- you will be SHOCKED!

Posted on June 20, 2018
by Peach & Lily