Influencer Spotlight:
Christine Combs

We're so excited to launch our Best of K-Beauty Award series. After months of reading through your reviews, poring over your survey answers (we emailed you last year asking about your favorite K-beauty products), digging into formulas and results, we saw 17 products that rose to the top. These stood out over 500 popular products, many of which have been called “skincare holy grail products.” 

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting not only these 17 miracle products but also 17 influencers who have helped educate people about K-beauty and skincare. Here’s a little peek into their world: 

Full Name
Christine Combs

What's your fave skincare tip?
Never be too lazy to wash your face at night. No matter how tired I am, I'm still sure to complete my night time skincare routine! Also, don't ever skip wearing an SPF!

What's your fave product from our award series?
May Coop Raw Sauce. Although there are several products that I've tried and loved, the Raw Sauce was the first Essence that I ever tried and I haven't stopped using it since! Incorporating an Essence into my routine has changed my skin! My skin glows when I use this and my skin feels so much more hydrated and soothed. It's an incredible product I highly recommend everyone use!

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate. Always Chocolate.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee and lots of it!

What do you to de-stress?
As I've gotten older, I realize the importance of self-care and when you're stressed and burnt-out, you aren't going to be the best that you can be. Being an "influenster" I find that you can spend so many hours on your phone and computer and after awhile, you just have to take a step back. So I'll read a book, jot down some notes in my journal or I'll reorganize a space in my house that is cluttered. Having an organized and tidy environment is something that I really need to not feel overwhelmed and stressed since I work from home. Also, an app called Calm. It's such an amazing app for helping deal with stress and meditation. Even just five minutes of a guided meditation can make your day so much better! 

What are 3 things people don't know about you?
- I grew up in a very small town in Ohio
- I'm very shy and that makes being an influenster and someone who shares so much of my life online very interesting at times
- I didn't always realize that I loved the "beauty" world until I was older. I went from being a receptionist in a hair salon to working at a front desk in a spa. After a couple of years and a move to Atlanta with my husband, I finally got a job in management for the biggest spa I ever worked in. I not only managed staff, but I also helped work on developing protocols for services and attended several conferences about the spa industry. I learned so much about the entire world of beauty, but more specifically about skincare and makeup. I fell in love and never wanted to stop learning more and helping others. This is why I started my Simply Stine!

What is your favorite place in the world?
Magen's Bay in St. Thomas, USVI. I got married there and it's the perfect beach to just go and relax. Crystal clear water, super soft sand and the water is so calm. Plus, you can get amazing tropical drinks at the little bar that's right on the beach. It's heaven!

Dream vacation spot?
Four Seasons Bora Bora Resort. Can you imagine how insanely beautiful this place must be in person??

Who's your hero?
My Aunt Fran. She passed away several years ago from Cancer. She really understood me as a person. She taught me that I had potential and made me realize that it's ok to not fit in with everyone else and that it's ok to want something else out of my life than what most people wanted. I felt like she never gave up on me, no matter how many mistakes I made, she always believed in me and she offered so much support and encouragement. I miss her terribly.

What inspires you? 
For my blog, I'd have to say that it's such an exciting time to really be involved in the whole beauty world. There are so many new smaller brands coming out with such amazing products and the whole Korean Beauty world has taken off here in the US. It's fascinating to learn about all of their techniques and beauty trends and how they're impacting us here in the US.

Best tip for aspiring influencers? 
Don't worry about what everyone else is doing! Stick to what YOU want to share with your audience. Don't let yourself get caught up with what everyone is doing, what products they get sent that you don't, that they have thousands more followers than you do on social media, etc. It can be a really negative space if you allow it to be. Keep your work focused on what you love to share and when you create content that you love and are passionate about, your audience will really see a value in that.
If you want to learn more about Christine, go check her out @simplystineco or on her blog!
Posted on March 04, 2018
by Peach & Lily